@Kcamp1776 @GovMikeHuckabee He's obviously no man of God.
5 hours ago
RT @Benjami39287651: @T_Cope1 @jstogdill @GovMikeHuckabee It was a joke about suffocating a man while referencing a puppy getting suffocate…
5 hours ago
RT @brat2381: Oregon church leaders told rape victim she was to blame because she wore a tank top in front of pastor https://t.co/NhQVhUxvWU
6 days ago
RT @silencedogoodiv: I can guarantee u that there are at least 4 of these self proclaimed Christians who will continue to support the seria…
6 days ago
RT @soulwhisper2016: This statement of God & Guns that the NRA used & the Evangelicals apparently have a non issue with is pure hypocritic…
6 days ago
RT @wordsby_bob: @cmclymer Guns have their place. Not in a school, church, government building, or at social gatherings.
19 days ago
@NancySa45944060 I don't plan on it, but living in "the land of Zion" makes it nearly impossible for my vote to cou… https://t.co/NpdjfwHerb
23 days ago
RT @EdanClay: I used to be an @NRA member. I saw as they became the terrorist organization they are now. I stopped paying dues years ago. M…
29 days ago
RT @KathysArt: @CubTrader @girl_daisey @whiskyjack42 @Mrsmaxdewinter @Khanoisseur It’s SHOCKING isn’t it, when you find out a friend is a T…
31 days ago
RT @owillis: You need to be more serious about North Korea, lecture the people who have been saying for nearly a decade that Obama was a Mu…
32 days ago
RT @JonUPS_: Republican ‘pro-life’ congressman slept with patients and paid for their abortions: ‘God has forgiven me’ https://t.co/tZoIlz8…
2 months, 9 days ago
RT @TDPattillo: Muslims who are terrorists don't understand Islam, and Christians who treat all Muslims like terrorists don't understand Ch…
3 months, 16 days ago
RT @tedlieu: #WednesdayWisdom The three Muslim videos @POTUS retweeted today (one of which apparently was not Muslim) are exhibits 101, 102…
3 months, 16 days ago
@JohnJHarwood And this is what represents my state! God help us!
3 months, 17 days ago
RT @krassenstein: In Trump's Video Retweet, The Dutch boy on crutches wasn't attacked by Muslims, he was attacked by a Dutch boy who was ne…
3 months, 17 days ago
RT @BetteMidler: FOR GOD'S SAKE, #MRTRUMP, DO SOMETHING ABOUT PUERTO RICO!!! Or do they not report about Puerto Rico on Fox News??
5 months, 5 days ago
RT @yookwangsik: @votevets God bless the scheduling person who scheduled the interview to occur on base during Retreat. That scheduler is a…
5 months, 5 days ago