@thehill @VP @Mike_Pence so why do we execute people? and why does pence continue keeping God's children in cages?…
15 days ago
remember when trump attacked mitt over his religious convictions?? god loving trumpies are learning disabled
49 days ago
@LindseyGrahamSC no muslim has ever hurt me. whereas my own "president" called me a lowlife and is openly trying to…
2 months, 29 days ago
@marcorubio For the love of God, resign!
3 months, 8 days ago
@realTuckFrumper Jesus had brown skin.
3 months, 21 days ago
@Stonekettle 1) zero guns in the Bible 2) if they are hungry they can go shoot a couple deer.
4 months, 27 days ago
@verybigpiss @willsommer you could start with the catholic church. Pick a state, pick a country, pick a decade, pic…
4 months, 27 days ago
@MollyJongFast we're all destined to die, that's a fact. so based on trumponian "logic" i guess earth is god's waiting room.
4 months, 28 days ago
@Newsweek if she'd bother to read the Bible she thumps upon she'd already know to STFU, per her Bible
5 months, 0 days ago
@HillReporter @realTuckFrumper Jihadis for Jesus. blowing us up with biological bombs
5 months, 17 days ago
@RandPaul Well sir, the church goers are spreading disease. One option is to lock them down in the church. Build a…
5 months, 17 days ago
@TeaPainUSA SNL's church lady was also a man, just saying
6 months, 0 days ago
@unrealDMGold @Stonekettle I'm thinking Christians are the real vectors. Gathering at church, trying to chant the s…
6 months, 2 days ago
@TeaPainUSA @matanshrimp i mean, sunday is the day most churchy-types go to church and pray anyway so..... i wonder…
6 months, 13 days ago
@marcorubio God(s) aren't real
7 months, 10 days ago
@ManyEyesWoman @SarahBCalif @WordswithSteph i'm thinking god is punishing rush by taking away his air the same way…
7 months, 20 days ago
@lawofthewoods @JohnKasich which god?
8 months, 18 days ago
@JasonSCampbell jesus was a brown skin so there's that.
9 months, 9 days ago
@NBCNews THANK GOD for the constitution
9 months, 12 days ago
@johnpavlovitz weird how they cling to their buybull in one hand and their gun in the other.... when zero guns are…
9 months, 25 days ago