@heyarionnn on god like damnnn
14 days ago
RT @1alexandramn: on god!
20 days ago
on god
22 days ago
in conclusion: god don’t let me fold
51 days ago
@Mariiahjane man i hope this not true on god i hope it’s not.. his monkey lookin ass always up to shit😂
53 days ago
“Go to church leave me alone!” is my response to bs all 2020.
2 months, 3 days ago
RT @1Maurtez: I APOLOGIZE to ANYBODY I hurt while I was HURTING ... GOD STILL working on ME !
3 months, 24 days ago
God i am begging you to pleaseee take the pain away😂 i’m sorry for any sins i’ve ever done in my 20 years of life
6 months, 12 days ago
@jxnaee on god i do!
8 months, 10 days ago
I love that man so yes I pray for him every night! God please keep him safe🙏🏽❤️
8 months, 19 days ago
When you pray for god not to take somebody away from you & the person dies... that fucks with your head.
8 months, 29 days ago
@Quellsssss man on god😂😂😂😂
9 months, 16 days ago