RT @DrBillWinston: God's Anointing is not something, it's everything! One experience with His Anointing will change your life forever. You…
53 hours ago
@sherylunderwood YASSSSSS! I’m happy it’s not us (black people) acting the fool! Sooooo glad you said that!That was…
8 days ago
RT @LynneGHammond: God never intended for you to be weighted down by cares. He wants to take care of them for you!
16 days ago
RT @gigisparkles47: I just started to type ‘months’ and got a letter off and it autocorrected to ‘McCords’ dear god I might need to start t…
3 months, 4 days ago
RT @rolandsmartin: A white supremacist was behind the Florida school shooting. Had that person been a Muslim or undocumented worker, @reald…
3 months, 8 days ago
RT @LynneGHammond: You partake of the life of God when you read the Word.
3 months, 22 days ago
RT @LynneGHammond: Don't worry about how good a grip you have on God. Start thinking about what a good grip He has on you!
7 months, 19 days ago
10 months, 6 days ago
RT @LynneGHammond: God wants us to value our fellowship with Him more than we value the work we do for Him.
11 months, 10 days ago
1 year ago
RT @LynneGHammond: As you read the Bible, God’s resurrection life is imparted to you.
1 year ago
RT @LynneGHammond: When the Holy Spirit is joined with the Word of God, the result is always powerful, effective prayer.
1 year ago
@NMAAHC Thank you! God knows we needed this tonight. Great show, we were well represented and I am honored. #ThePeoplesJourney
1 year ago
@PastorMarcJones this is what has people leaving the church - judgment.
1 year ago
GET READY, GET READY, GET READY! - I’m sure you’re familiar with the name BISHOP THOMAS DEXTER (TD) JAKES....
4 years ago
RT @revjamesrobison: If you boldly stand for God, you will be misunderstood by some and misrepresented by many.
6 years ago
RT @Paula_White: When God says YES it doesn't matter who said NO!
6 years ago
RT @prestonmorrison: What today appears to be crazy to some, in 10 years will be considered brilliant by many, when done out of obedience to God. #11yearlessons
6 years ago
RT @PsRobertMorris: We had some unexpected guests in our service tonight. If you weren’t at church, you won’t want to miss them tomorrow!
6 years ago
RT @joelosteen: When you feel defeated, remind yourself, "God is with me, so I’m going to come out of this promoted, increased and healthier than before."
6 years ago