S/o 41 Park, The Pizza Shop on Lavonia and Rockaway, Pitkin Ave, Howard Houses, Betsy Head Park (not at night) Moth…
6 days ago
"Daddy got ya head all messed up with this God shit, you don't eat Pork huh? Name I gave you ain't good enough"
14 days ago
@redcmassacre @Amen_Baba_ He look scared
22 days ago
RT @donwill: This nigga is basically running the country like it’s a mega church
27 days ago
RT @MuslimIQ: A girl attacks a hijab wearing Muslim girl in the bathroom at Chartiers Valley High School in Pittsburgh •Charges have been f…
30 days ago
RT @MuslimIQ: To people responding to China’s persecution of Muslims w/“why did Muslims migrate to China in the first place”—learn the fact…
38 days ago
RT @LouisFarrakhan: Christ is not interested in you going into the stores making the already rich, rich; putting yourself in debt for anoth…
57 days ago
RT @LouisFarrakhan: When we refuse to obey God, our lives are not blessed, and instead become accursed.
2 months, 18 days ago
Enlil was a Jealous God, told em they could have no other God but him,
2 months, 25 days ago
@Amen_Baba_ "Yo Rev....what you got on it today" nothing
2 months, 26 days ago
RT @1Daypresents: Can the devil fool a god ..not nowadays
3 months, 3 days ago
Thank You Allah
3 months, 8 days ago
@Biinx_Frappe @MissAnomaly_ issey miyake for the God
3 months, 25 days ago
If he was Muslim, this story would be different,
5 months, 10 days ago
@IkeMagnifico Thoth, Father Allah, My Dad
5 months, 19 days ago
May the Energy of Heru give me strength today, as I travel amongst these Devils, may my tongue be as sharp as my sword , Amen Ra
5 months, 27 days ago
See ya racist ads harassing any black, Brown or Muslim women, I'm a sneak up on em... and
6 months, 8 days ago
RT @FiggaFrank: @joshdcaplan @LouisFarrakhan #Farrakhan is verified by Allah(God) not Twittering; it’s y’all constant denial of y’all devil…
7 months, 11 days ago
True Pimp never spend no dough on the booty Pastor Ma$e
7 months, 17 days ago
Peace to the God
7 months, 17 days ago