I appreciated #ArethasHomegoing. She came to us from the Baptist church and she left us through the Baptist church.… https://t.co/xc4PkZmtky
23 days ago
Jesus Is My Help” by ⁦@HezekiahWalker⁩ and the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir https://t.co/iTS8iuYW9R
33 days ago
Thank you Rev @Graylanhagler for an AMAZING sermon today. I did not know former @TuskegeeUniv administrator Emmett… https://t.co/rHfhobcl3o
3 months, 8 days ago
@jovanthony I think his New Jewel Movement overthrowing Eric Gairy answers that question...in “Maurice Bishop Speaks” edited by Steve Clark
3 months, 25 days ago
"Maurice Bishop" on @Wikipedia: https://t.co/SUpbKGNr7f
3 months, 28 days ago
RT @AprilDRyan: The beauty of nature! God’s work is everywhere. This is one of the marvels of Spring. https://t.co/faG6QxafP6
4 months, 21 days ago
RT @Graylanhagler: Rev. Dr. William Barber, II Speaks on Militarism, War & Peace -  The Poor People's Campaign at New York Ave. Presbyteria…
4 months, 24 days ago
@LloydDAguilar @IanRH243 Ian, when you say “the Church,” you mean “the Church” where? Fanon and Castro have provide… https://t.co/UsgrdRCZBo
5 months, 11 days ago
RT @faithleadership: Check out Episode 1 of #canthesebones podcast, in which co-host Bill Lamar understands #mansplaining. Listen & subscri…
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RT @Greggarazzi: Government of Jamaica : Stop American Hate Preacher from Entering Jamaica - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/xCCee95Fpo vi…
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RT @UbuntuBios: Remembering Abubakar Sadiq Yussif, born on October 19, 1985 (to December 11, 2017). He was an openly gay Muslim in Ghana, c…
9 months, 14 days ago
thank you @kirkfranklin for this CLASSIC song that I love singing the Tenor part to, smh 🙌🏿 "He'll Take the Pain Aw… https://t.co/CKnNGSZ9Gy
10 months, 2 days ago
Gwen Ifill. Maurice Bishop. Tom Adams. Eric Holder. Bernard Coard. Jackie Creft. The connections are unavoidable.
10 months, 14 days ago
RT @rhonefraser: I crave educated conversation about "God Help The Child." Morrison's first critical look at post-1980 US society. https://…
1 year ago
@Kirani_James Grenadian Maurice Bishop is a huge inspiration to me. THANK YOU for seeking the highest stage of your work, like he did.
2 years ago
RT @Anti_Church: The church uses sophisticated propaganda techniques in order to implant a slavish morality in the hearts of the populace.
5 years ago
RT @JamaicaOlympics: Message from Warren Weir: "First I will like thank God, my coach, Racer Track Club,my family, friends and my... http://t.co/JHZ9nfx9
6 years ago
RT @EbsTheWay: This new 'Life and Favor' by @Keetwit is everything. *church fans*
6 years ago
@TheKurtCarr is honored to share a birthday with you, a minister whose excellent majestic music demands the best from me to God.
6 years ago
"Jesus told them...about their need to pray always and not to lose heart." Luke 18:1.
6 years ago