@jvplive @LibsInAmerica How about anti Muslim?
4 days ago
Before he started to have political aspirations did the pussy grabbing Pumpkin Pharoah ever enters church other tha… https://t.co/Yg8qwwobaz
8 days ago
@MollyJongFast Jesus. Modern religious leaders would be much different
14 days ago
Did I mention today that Donnie Douchebag is a twatwaffeling 🍊 traitor , career criminal and generally an 🍊 wankmag… https://t.co/erCFqzfssO
57 days ago
@ChasingOzPhotog Amen. You start blurring line between church and state you lose tax status period
2 months, 27 days ago
@davidhogg111 Amen. Neither should executive branch
3 months, 6 days ago
@cher Amen, and I'm not dyslexic. I am worst speller with a master I ever met
3 months, 21 days ago
@StevenBeschloss @hanes_l Teabillys love it. A Muslim green card holder and enemy of the people. They want more. Th… https://t.co/ao5mF82OHl
6 months, 3 days ago
@calina_paige @nursingartist Amen
6 months, 13 days ago
@EdKrassen @Bornabrit1 Amen
6 months, 15 days ago
@SafetyPinDaily Gonna go out on a limb and say God's leader doesn't need lies but Putin's 🐩 does
7 months, 2 days ago
@SenGillibrand Amen
7 months, 10 days ago
@sofieorloki Amen
7 months, 26 days ago
@peterdaou Amen.
8 months, 23 days ago
@KDavisGayFriend I am sure he can twist a Bible verse to excuse it
9 months, 9 days ago
RT @BlkAndPr0ud: This elderly man is Alan Dornan from Somerville, Massachusetts He goes on his morning walks with a sign that says "I walk…
9 months, 14 days ago
@BillOReilly It's your false god that calls for violence and his deluded followers listen false prophet. The lady k… https://t.co/SIGCMkVwPk
9 months, 27 days ago
@TheDemCoalition They never mention Jesus words because they contradict everything they stand for
10 months, 7 days ago
@MSNBC @NBCNewsTHINK Because they are. Mines is a Russian toad like his orange god
10 months, 28 days ago
@DemWrite Amen
11 months, 1 days ago