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8 days ago
@funder God help all those in its path. Devastating.😓
9 days ago
@TheRickWilson @sguidry14342 The people who shout loudest to put God back in govt are the ones fully engaged in breaking that Gods laws🦅
10 days ago
@realDonaldTrump God, do you hear yourself ?
23 days ago
@davejoyner7 @annamariefarone @sistercrow @SenatorCollins @DeptVetAffairs Your word...inspired, as was the Talmud,… https://t.co/kx2ph1Yh0E
23 days ago
@KeithOlbermann @FoxNews @JudgeJeanine Oh, God. You can't make this stuff up. Judge Jeannie....flying high⚡️
25 days ago
@davejoyner7 @annamariefarone @sistercrow @SenatorCollins @DeptVetAffairs Has God spoken with you lately? How nice… https://t.co/D1mM68TQNy
26 days ago
@CarrollBryant @tpe3tpj2 @FiveRights Whatever your political affiliation, you are sick. "Only screw children"....Re… https://t.co/dve6Cui6wV
35 days ago
RT @GDouglasJones: I may have the honor of serving Alabama as your senator, but the most important thing I have done is prosecuting those k…
35 days ago
@vincentdonofrio Which God? Whose God? Is there a right or a wrong God? What if Trump's God is a Fake God?😉 God (?) help us all
3 months, 28 days ago