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At Overflow, we are apart of the Water's Edge Network, which is a family of kingdom-minded, missionally motivated c… https://t.co/36nXJGzBwf
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We are so excited to worship with you on Sunday at 9:01 or 11:01 AM. Listen to these songs on Spotify. 🎶… https://t.co/48sHRDC1G7
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Have you ever been hurt? - https://t.co/pTeVS4dgF2
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RT @DerwinLGray: Once we face up to real guilt, we can deal with it: by confessing it honestly and by waking up again to the forgiving love…
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This Guy! Our fearless lead pastor. Trail blazer. Justice seeker. It's his birthday and we are… https://t.co/PM2r3MTrhY
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RT @FirstPresBH: The Rev. Dorothy Cross, who served First Presbyterian Church in Benton Harbor in the early 1970s was among the other first…
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https://t.co/6rBoBrKPRx Check out yesterday's message!
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"If you are still waiting to go you missed the memo 2000 years ago." @pastor_paul2187
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Thursday Groups! https://t.co/YewI7v1X0b
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@Mrs_Princella Keep going!
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#1 thing you need to do this week https://t.co/yye9SEkebZ
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The avg child is 11 when 1st exposed to porn. Here are positive conversations about God's design for sexuality. https://t.co/cdQ5MB161c
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“I’m praying for you”= more than just words! Here's the message & discussion sheet of Sunday’s word from Ephesians: https://t.co/nzPeyIILHr
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Take a read about the importance of gathering together from Pastor @Brian_D_Bennett: https://t.co/6FKAgjE1fE… https://t.co/WJwFQqaOjc
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Connect in new ways. Women's ministry fueled by the power of Jesus: #OverflowKingdomWomen https://t.co/7GDAQszCNA
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