Black women always have a friend or church member named “Dot”
18 days ago
Imagine being drunk in your hotel room and hearing this. Now you crying thinking Jesus outside your door ready for… https://t.co/FbGcN2cFSk
3 months, 2 days ago
@Jamaican_Bratt @TBSNetwork By the grace if God lol
5 months, 13 days ago
RT @keithboykin: While Trump had you focused on a caravan of immigrants an American killed 12 people in a a bar an American killed 11 peo…
6 months, 12 days ago
Woke up and Tariq was trending....can we go to church first??!!
10 months, 23 days ago
Anybody else listen to gospel music while they drink?
11 months, 28 days ago
My aunties be ready to throw the Bible at me https://t.co/s6XgnU87lq
1 year ago
@amy_hardin63 That’s Jesus
1 year ago
The “hallelujah” at the end takes me out 😂😂 https://t.co/pzVMrqn1qL
1 year ago
God has smiled on you. https://t.co/l9RpUfAxsI
1 year ago
RT @CanaanJosephine: Never in my Black life have I ever heard a white women sing a gospel song like this. Honestly, my wig was snatched.🙌🏾😭…
1 year ago
Chrissy just determined to NOT let God have his way https://t.co/5q5AaLXZ3Z
1 year ago
God knows I'm trying
1 year ago
Preach Pastor Gill!!! #Betawards
1 year ago
Not in church tho!! Ooops
5 years ago
RT @_noCANdo: God is BALLIN right now!! Wat wrong God? Why you crying?
6 years ago
RT @KilUWitKindness: To God be the Glory!
6 years ago