RT @jadynbee_: My bestfriend took my god sons pics and didn’t share with y’all ! So I am
4 days ago
RT @Not_Yves: “Oh my god! Let’s get you a drink!”
9 months, 17 days ago
RT @disa_coleworld: If you would've asked me in May do I expect to make it to 2018 I probably would've told you no. But from being shot at…
1 year ago
RT @JoannaAarlene: Ima b 2 tired 4 church tomorrow.
5 years ago
RT @alynigga: I'm glad too say that I don't feel shit for you anymore, thank god I've moved on from you and never coming back.
6 years ago
RT @Michael_Lgbs10: If I Can Write About The Best Thing That's Happened to Me, it'll be the next bible
6 years ago
RT @SpokenReasons: Thank God for the waking of another day!
6 years ago
@ErickJ_Rivera Just Got Out Of The Church
6 years ago