@GrahamMundie @irishrygirl Of course many former slave owners are in heaven. There were even some in the New Testam… https://t.co/y8R2UK76Xs
3 days ago
@GrahamMundie @irishrygirl Bible-believing Christians were the first people in the world to abolish slavery--and th… https://t.co/va442Q89KB
4 days ago
@bensharp17 @Franklin_Graham @facebook My faith is different from other faiths, in that my God revealed Himself to… https://t.co/gVOQ45mogD
8 days ago
@bensharp17 @Franklin_Graham @facebook He loves His creation, particularly man His image, enough to be incensed whe… https://t.co/efdTODxGfr
8 days ago
@AlsoACarpenter You have to be a Calvinist to preach the gospel with absolute freedom.
10 days ago
@AlsoACarpenter Calvin ties 2 Peter 3:9 to the free offer of the gospel. I don't read it that way, though I do affi… https://t.co/lLUrRDSPlm
10 days ago
@sagedapprentice The Bible teaches that people should validate every word that is preached by the written text of S… https://t.co/6hb3W3Q8qR
10 days ago
@sagedapprentice That book is from God Himself. You don't have to wonder in the dark, because He revealed Himself t… https://t.co/VtSerWjfaw
10 days ago
RT @RefToons: “Fear not because your prayer is stammering, your words feeble, and your language poor. Jesus can understand you.” ― @JCRyle…
11 days ago
@religulous "What do you think I have done that justifies eternal punishment in Hell?" You have been prideful, for… https://t.co/rUbuSrkCkQ
16 days ago
@JStrickRN @ArminNavabi We are all fallen sinners and so we need the Bible to teach us what love is, to correct our… https://t.co/guBdxI8gBp
20 days ago
The Orthodox Presbyterian Church and United Reformed Churches are set to publish a joint work, the new Trinity Psal… https://t.co/vzrk85wPDn
21 days ago
@Pedro_Tibo @TuckerCarlson @MattRiversCNN But you are taking God as knowledge, and you prove it every day.
28 days ago
@D1g1t_jeffers0n @Mystique_resist @catherinemom23 @GIowing0rb The 3rd commandment means honoring all God's words, n… https://t.co/XX02qYF4XH
30 days ago
@catherinemom23 @GIowing0rb @joybakr But even then, it’s our call to help those inside the church, not those outsid… https://t.co/zIq81r0jls
30 days ago
@catherineveatch @catherinemom23 Jesus said, if anyone doesn't work, neither should that person eat.
31 days ago
@thewheelslimsh1 @onnlucky @Empirical18 @sygarte @Floridaline @Greg_MarineLab I believe in God the Father, Son, and… https://t.co/blQGNS0seW
32 days ago
@Empirical18 @onnlucky @sygarte @Floridaline @Greg_MarineLab @thewheelslimsh1 The Unknown God, made Himself known t… https://t.co/RXnv2TpRMc
32 days ago
@JohnHamill151 Good example. You expressing Christian values in the name of the enlightenment. And without God, where is immolation?
33 days ago
@JohnHamill151 The enlightenment is an experiment in attempting Christianity without God.
33 days ago