It's a real tragedy that we won't get @PeteButtigieg or @ewarren on a debate stage vs @realDonaldTrump. Can you im… https://t.co/kVOXmnUYsx
9 days ago
Jerry Falwell Jr. is obviously throwing his wife under the bus because he likes to watch, but the bible-thumpers (h… https://t.co/I4LkVg3gfk
31 days ago
The truly scary thing about Trump is how easy it was to force the @GOP and 1/2 the United States to bend over, bite… https://t.co/GJ4SIWxa5t
2 months, 8 days ago
@EricRogersHere Jesus that woman was born under a good sign.
2 months, 10 days ago
@Jaws5TheReturn Funny thing is... I could care less about Jesus or any other religious figure. Definitely not enou… https://t.co/FjHe4sLLZW
3 months, 0 days ago
@JohnFusco12 @flopower5 "Beating that drum." Not "Playing." Jesus fucking Christmas people, make an effort!
3 months, 6 days ago
@JEHANCOURF God I miss Salem.
4 months, 27 days ago
Fighting the near physical urge to call my mom and ask her which part of god's plan this is...
6 months, 17 days ago
Jesus! It's a West Wing fan's wet dream. https://t.co/kexZUtM7XC
8 months, 10 days ago
Jesus H Belichick! @VancityReynolds likes one tweet and it's got almost 59k impressions? I should have added a li… https://t.co/QC2a7qR9WW
9 months, 9 days ago
@CliffordJGreen1 @sloan_kettering God I hope smarter people than I are close to a cure.
9 months, 16 days ago
God I love the Atlantic Shore https://t.co/Wuv189vQGg
10 months, 7 days ago
Jesus, @AB84 Shut the f#@k up.
1 year ago
@joshgad Josh, I'm Latino. My mother is a Eucharistic Minister in the Catholic Church. The Latino community (self-… https://t.co/Zy4PcnfPty
1 year ago
@WaJo80 @JohnFugelsang God backwards = dog. Thankaboutit.
1 year ago
@reallesstroud Well, I'd say an ongoing segment where you tear out helpful parts of these books and form them into… https://t.co/rQZ0ZoXmnT
1 year ago
The Diocese of Brooklyn can suck a fat one. The Catholic Church has earned every joke, insult, and derisive commen… https://t.co/nDB2APudLN
1 year ago
Tom Brady's MAGA hat and Chris Pratt's anti LGBT church bum me out. It's like meeting the perfect woman (a blind a… https://t.co/kpFjEjaXOM
1 year ago
@Emma4Change @JohnLeguizamo Oh, they don't count. They're niños, not kids! God I hate Trump.
1 year ago
God I Hate Eagles fans.
1 year ago