RT @AndrewPollackFL: The most mentally deranged people in this country are victims of a disease called: liberalism. May God have mercy on…
9 days ago
RT @GovMikeHuckabee: Thank God! This should be CRIMINAL investigation. These thugs aren't protestors, they are terrorists trying to scare…
12 days ago
RT @JaySekulow: We have confirmed that the Turkish government has issued an order releasing Pastor Andrew Brunson from prison and allowing…
3 months, 28 days ago
RT @GovMikeHuckabee: Up at 3am for early flight and learned that little Alfie Evans had died. Maybe he would have even if UK govt had allow…
6 months, 26 days ago
RT @Education4Libs: Liberals have been pretty quiet about yesterday’s shooting. Maybe because it was done by a MUSLIM, VEGAN, FEMALE who s…
7 months, 18 days ago
RT @DiamondandSilk: President And First Lady Silence Media With Their Actions On Way To Church.
7 months, 22 days ago
RT @SA_Niles: Love can be shown in many different ways. Here at The Salvation Army, we choose to show love by meeting human needs in Jesus
9 months, 8 days ago
#USAin4words One nation under God
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