RT @darrynzewalk: When you place God in all things, He'll bring comfort in everything.
47 days ago
RT @DerronEShort: #God shows up!
3 months, 11 days ago
RT @Paula_White: Don’t cry over what left your life, rejoice that God was making room for something better!!
3 months, 16 days ago
RT @darrynzewalk: Don't let the detours of life get you off track. God gave you a purpose to achieve your destination. Keep pressing.
3 months, 27 days ago
RT @ledrew: Grace Is When God Gives Us What We Don't Deserve! @beverlyfelix3 @valerie80225496 @sumulerinagmai1 @lovelyerica_ric @ericjswen…
4 months, 14 days ago
RT @InTouchMin: "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk th…
5 months, 2 days ago
RT @PastorJonathanS: God CAN Do what we Can't! He is able to Change even your worst situations into something good! (Romans 8:28)
5 months, 10 days ago
RT @PastorJonathanS: God is way more interested in your AVAILABILITY than in your ABILITY Me: "Here I am Lord... Use M…
5 months, 10 days ago
RT @darrynzewalk: God will not leave you so don't leave Him
5 months, 13 days ago
RT @TraeStowe: God wants us to progress, not to be perfect.
5 months, 15 days ago
RT @andrewwommack: In your born-again spirit, you are as clean and holy and pure as Jesus is! To understand this, you have to see yoursel…
5 months, 23 days ago
RT @Paula_White: You were born & built for greatness!! Start showing up and actively participating in life as your true self- a child of th…
6 months, 1 days ago
RT @BishopRonScott: I pray that you discover that there are blessings in the midst of all your tests and trials, and God does not want you…
6 months, 7 days ago
RT @andrewwommack: Success comes from first persevering and maturing in our relationship with God. His kind of success is better than any q…
8 months, 14 days ago
RT @andrewwommack: "You have to open up and let the Lord love you and bless you. If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, God loves you a…
8 months, 28 days ago