Truth: God will not love the fake version of yourself. So take off the mask. He's in love with the real you.… https://t.co/5A1g9o0Hbp
3 days ago
What if our addiction to our anger and bitterness is actually blocking us from experiencing what God wants us to ex… https://t.co/rxlD8jaN7M
3 months, 18 days ago
@SecularHubCast Yeah! Actually, our lead pastor, @JimBurgen actually has a podcast called rethink. You might really… https://t.co/AhlbBKXCvP
4 months, 10 days ago
@jepsen_eric She's very talented, thanks for the recommendation. We covered a bit of what she's talking about in th… https://t.co/qEYyzHweXw
5 months, 0 days ago
Be strong in the Lord, put on the full armor of God, and starting with truth, go to war for your family.… https://t.co/0hjf5eUgRl
5 months, 1 days ago
Five Campuses. One Church. We just can't get over the idea that all across the front range, so many of us gathered… https://t.co/KqcKjXmOKI
6 months, 23 days ago
Just Remind Me You Don't Mess Up ______ We thought covering Dear God by @HunterHayes was the perfect song for last… https://t.co/mPyZOOy8xB
9 months, 19 days ago
@WmHokeWallace We haven't ruled that area of Colorado out but when we took a poll during Christmas it was evident t… https://t.co/kjSrFu3y1p
11 months, 15 days ago
Reframing our minds to understand that God isn’t only found in the Bible but always with us takes practice and time… https://t.co/SjBOFp03OW
1 year ago
God's greatest goal in your life is to form you into the kind of person whom He can trust with whatever it is that… https://t.co/K9hpyGhH3p
1 year ago
What if you wanted the same thing that Jesus wants? Do you think (believe) that what would come out of you has a ch… https://t.co/OkwlJEAVJz
1 year ago
It’s said that we’re destined to search for greatness…but what if the greatness we’ll search for is not our own but God’s greatness?
6 years ago
The audio from last weekend's Bible 101 taught by Scott Nickell is now available. http://t.co/U0AfVFx2
7 years ago
Last weekend we began offering a new resource: sermon series books. We went out on a limb with this book... http://t.co/KtvPYrD
7 years ago