@SenTedCruz Acts 7:43 King James Version (KJV) 43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your g… https://t.co/Y4PrWdRZdl
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@Jacquel53991286 @RealAlexJones No. Jesus is not Jewish at all. If you only understood this you’d begin to see how… https://t.co/rIomVQGNBy
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@Jacquel53991286 @RealAlexJones You’re completely wrong. “Brethren” in this context is talking about Christians, wh… https://t.co/ZYcRn1OLYM
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@noam8080 @Partisangirl @GolanBu1 @PrisonPlanet “We don’t kill...start wars for [God]...” are you kidding me dude? https://t.co/k86xse1nra
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@MasqueradeKOR @etraditionalist @OrwellNGoode @Raw_Shock @SpartanMindPsy @JeffWilson4570 @noschagaming… https://t.co/9jS5B2qCn5
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@gonbd @ADL__National This is a first - never have I ever seen someone using a Hindu concept to defend Judaism 😅😅😅
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@0nlyDTruth @saraeunoia @_xjjsmithx_ Or the Europeans during the Barbary Slave Trade, or the Hindus that were massa… https://t.co/KkmXJpVKuy
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RT @AmyMek: Sharia Twitter is censoring all of my tweets that mention the words 👉🏻 Islam Muslims Sharia Jihad Quran Muhammad Muslim Bro…
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RT @MemeAlertNews: A pastor in Chicago is already requesting the mayor remove a George Washington monument due to Washington's slave owning…
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RT @JayWestmore: Accurate Muslim Emojis https://t.co/C0fdYE33z1
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