"Why do you & other preachers tell stories when you preach?" This often is a critical accusation by those who don't… https://t.co/hWPRf8xeSs
6 hours ago
When you doubt what God is asked you to do,...you can depend that He's already working behind scenes on your assign… https://t.co/1jhSZTMcX3
11 hours ago
RT @TBTcovington: Don't miss the first night of Jubilee! Please pray for Bro. Randy Sutherland as he brings a message from the Word of God
39 hours ago
Heading to the revival pulpit in Frederick, MD! Joy in serving Jesus! @PastorJSeay
51 hours ago
RT @PastorJSeay: So much appreciate the Spirit-filled pulpit ministry of @DrJohnNHamblin! Powerful Bible preaching all day -including one o…
2 days ago
RT @PastorJSeay: Looking forward to having @DrJohnNHamblin with us @FBC_MD beginning tmrrw morning 10 SS for Annual Sizzlin' Summer Revival…
4 days ago
God has something for everybody to do, and you can do it,...IF WILLING, ("Behold, I am here, Lord.")! Acts 9:10 #PowerForTheHour
5 days ago
Lady Liberty must blush at the immodest way some women and men attend services at the House of God!… https://t.co/ux2QvHKfwX
8 days ago
Happy 40th anniversary in the gospel ministry, to our dear friend, @DennisHigginsSr ! Appreciate your faithfulness,… https://t.co/9V4v9HHlZZ
10 days ago
Visit the website to read, "YOU ARE AS CLOSE TO GOD,...AS YOU CHOOSE TO GET!" And see upcoming meetings in your are… https://t.co/D5CuHT0ZiG
16 days ago
The right methodology and the right theology matter,...CERTAINLY JESUS FELT THAT WAY,..."of all that Jesus began BO… https://t.co/buJSA1jHkI
20 days ago
Heading to the camp-meeting pulpit in Rossville, GA! Joy in serving Jesus!
30 days ago
Amen, friend! Looking sharp! Thank-you for sharing! https://t.co/x8Cv6cZj4g
33 days ago
Heading to the revival pulpit in Eufaula, AL! Joy in serving Jesus! @PastorMarkDMont
35 days ago
Happy Birthday, @PastorJohn2005 ! Enjoy your very special day! God bless you, friend!
35 days ago
Happy Anniversary, to our dear friends! Enjoy your special day! @CariHamblin & I, love you folks! God bless you, de… https://t.co/qXlOSlelRh
36 days ago
Nobody can hear Bible preaching,...and remain the same. Acts 7:54 #PowerForTheHour
36 days ago
Heading to the revival pulpit in Eufaula, AL! Joy in serving Jesus! @PastorMarkDMont
38 days ago
The problem isn't when "the church in the wilderness",...BUT WHEN THE WORLD IS IN THE CHURCH! Acts 7:38 #PowerForTheHour
39 days ago
WOW! No question,...GOD STEPPED INTO THE SERVICE TONIGHT THIS A.M.! Extremely thankful for churches that still have… https://t.co/dlkpn7H0qa
52 days ago