Heading to the revival pulpit in Vienna, WV! Joy in serving Jesus! @MikeElder2
3 days ago
You don't need an "angle",...you need a genuine God given burden. #Ministry101
4 days ago
RT @DavidCMoodyTBT: What a great day! Carol and I picked up my daddy today and he said, “Let’s go tell somebody about Jesus.” We did!! http…
6 days ago
@Poppafl AMEN, friend! Great times! 😃 Love you, too!
9 days ago
In an hour of major SHIFT AND DRIFT,...the early Church makes known the answer, by way of the single word,..."STEDF… https://t.co/K0hUtDAd7o
10 days ago
Tonight Bro. Don Case shared with me, when at the grave of Fanny Crosby, Bridgeport, CT, he met cemetery sexton, wh… https://t.co/MjBGOtC6eL
10 days ago
Asked recently,..."What impresses you about a young preacher?" My answer,..."A TEACHABLE SPIRIT!" Not bowled over w… https://t.co/LkBeHQTcVH
10 days ago
~ God is looking for a man of vision and volition! ~ Dr. Curtis Hutson https://t.co/gMtWpk1dYX
11 days ago
God has put the "WELCOME" mat of SALVATION out for,..."THE PROMISE IS UNTO YOU,...YOUR CHILDREN,...ALL THAT ARE AFA… https://t.co/h8U5DQFwse
14 days ago
RT @jameshbarrett: Tremendous @swordofthelord board meeting. Thankful for the unwavering stand of @DrSheltonLSmith & the support of all the…
14 days ago
Heading to the revival pulpit in Westland, MI! Joy in serving Jesus!
18 days ago
Great close to revival last p.m. at Cornerstone Baptist Church Crossville, TN! Dr. Mike Kerley, a dear friend and a… https://t.co/IOuEoi79wP
22 days ago
Choir singing in revival tonight Crossville, TN,..."IT'S DIFFERENT NOW"! Somebody dig a deep grave for,...DEAD CHUR… https://t.co/AgQxzoqRPq
23 days ago
It's impossible to give the gospel to the wrong individual. Acts 2:21 #PowerForTheHour
24 days ago
RT @inespdr: @tmarble427 @grnradio @DrJohnNHamblin Amen! I count it an honor to meet you Brother. Appreciate the work of @grnradio and mini…
24 days ago
Great fellowship today with @JaredEv17543666 ! He shared with me that it was while listening to Dr. Tom Malone prea… https://t.co/W05lT82QsI
25 days ago
I wouldn't be a member of a church,...where you couldn't find an "AMEN!", "PRAISE THE LORD!" or a "HALLELUJAH!",...… https://t.co/p9KFsjXpaz
35 days ago
PRAYER and then even some more PRAYER,...which is the launching pad for all the largest things God wants to do in y… https://t.co/bjFJ1C75Oj
37 days ago
Happy Birthday, @DrLouJurva , from @CariHamblin & I! Enjoy your special day! God bless you dear friend!
38 days ago
For the 39yrs that I've been saved ,...never have missed church on a Sunday night to watch the Super Bowl. #JustSaying
40 days ago