The one statement the Victorious Christian Life totally stands upon,..."BUT GOD RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD:"! Acts 13:30 #PowerForTheHour
4 days ago
If you missed Jesus within the covers of the Bible,...YOU BETTER GO BACK AND READ IT AGAIN! Acts 13:27-29 #PowerForTheHour
5 days ago
No question, Tweet of the day! Amen! @DrKacyPalmore ! https://t.co/pvkVXEj7R0
8 days ago
Greatly enjoyed sharing the revival platform last p.m. in Columbiana, OH, with @BrianLottFamily ! This good Brothe… https://t.co/e7viQq13Ne
12 days ago
RT @DavidCMoodyTBT: @DrJohnNHamblin Carol and I joined @DrJohnNHamblin in the midnight hour of prayer with so many others across America a…
14 days ago
RT @Cody_Harris310: Thinking about some of my heroes today! Very thankful for the impact these men of God have had on my life! Also thankfu…
15 days ago
Join @DrJohnNHamblin , in revival tomorrow at 9:45a.m., 11p.m. & 6p.m. COLUMBIANA BAPTIST CHURCH COLUMBIANA, OH wit… https://t.co/9dDrZsaqNg
17 days ago
Some people will tell the Preacher, "SAY ON",...then totally not like what they hear, but rest assured the true Pre… https://t.co/8bwucFIq5m
17 days ago
"Spend much time every day and night in prayer and direct communion with God." Charles G. Finney #MidnightMusings
18 days ago
Great start to revival yesterday at Heritage Baptist Church Auburn Hills, MI! Full and warm altars all day!
22 days ago
RT @DavidCMoodyTBT: That’s s great idea!! We’ll do that for an after church Fellowship. https://t.co/k5CMVi48TA
23 days ago
Heading to the revival pulpit in Laurel, DE Bayview Baptist Church! Joy in serving Jesus! @ckwhitejr https://t.co/KoFc53y1bN
29 days ago
Heading to the revival pulpit, Bayview Baptist Church Laurel, DE! Joy in serving Jesus! @ckwhitejr https://t.co/MZcYF2wIsv
30 days ago
31 days ago
Just some of the young people tonight, who came to the altar, to be sent out, in a great way, for God!… https://t.co/5USUigOSVf
34 days ago
"How do you stay fresh, preaching night after night, and from one city to the next?" I try to guard my time. And by… https://t.co/CbDVyGLxfy
34 days ago
Keep plowing, man of God! https://t.co/aGRHIygKCO
35 days ago
During the invitation tonight,...I had the song leader put gospel tracts on the Lord's Supper Table, in stacks of 5… https://t.co/IjHjrvLIC6
46 days ago
It's only the Child of God who can have peace in a unpleasant place! Acts 12:6 #PowerForTheHour
47 days ago
Heading to the revival pulpit in Street, MD! Joy in serving Jesus!
49 days ago