RT @WBCBowie: Tremendous messages tonight at the @TheNCGC from Pastor Harris & @DrJohnNHamblin https://t.co/grMB0M7Fvw
13 hours ago
Heading to the church pulpit in Statesville, NC! Joy in serving Jesus!
3 days ago
Heading to the revival pulpit in Willis, MI! Joy in serving Jesus!
5 days ago
RT @EvChrisDallas: Announcement: Victory In Jesus Addiction Outreach Curriculum has been delivered to @ClaysMillBapt and is ready for imme…
6 days ago
Heading back to the revival pulpit in Willis, MI! Joy in serving Jesus!
9 days ago
11 days ago
NEW DATE added to the calendar,...OCTOBER 14-16 Revival Meeting at First Baptist Church Flat Rock, MI Host Pastor, Brother Robert Boyce
12 days ago
Don't let TURN COATS, TROUBLES, or TRIBULATIONS,...bug or bump you from God's perfect will for your life! Acts 20:24a. #PowerForTheHour
13 days ago
Great start to revival yesterday at Gospel Light Baptist Church Hazard, KY! Full and warm altars all day!… https://t.co/YKoXv5fBl9
15 days ago
Heading to the revival pulpit in Hazard, KY! Joy in serving Jesus! @ChrisFugate10 https://t.co/643eqwAE57
17 days ago
The Christian, and the Church isn't in the "marketing business",...BUT IN THE MAKING KNOWN THE UNVARNISHED TRUTH BU… https://t.co/phk841rwzU
18 days ago
RT @TheNCGC: Pastor Jeff Fugate would like to invite all pastors, staff, and laymen to attend NCGC19! Be sure to get pre-registered at http…
21 days ago
While giving the invitation last p.m.,...our granddaughter, Madison, 9yrs old, raised her hand, that she wanted God… https://t.co/q55TiAIY5h
22 days ago
~ Young preachers, if God has really called you, than you can count on God giving you a place to preach, I believe… https://t.co/eqNozwUtAM
26 days ago
THANK-YOU,... @KevinDail , staff, and @lakecrestbc , for the TREMENDOUS JOB in hosting 2019 "NATIONAL "SOUL WINNING… https://t.co/pFYL3Rc6ms
36 days ago
10 years ago,...the "GET RIGHT WITH GOD" camp meeting in Dickson, TN was birthed, after the story of the banner tha… https://t.co/Luh1DV6Srl
37 days ago
Truth's best spokesman,...is TRUTH! (Sad when the lost world knows this principle, better than some in the Church)!… https://t.co/wPY7MIR4yw
37 days ago
Heading to the camp-meeting pulpit in Dickson, TN! Joy in serving Jesus!
38 days ago
Just passed a church sign,..."Pastor BETTY",...if the sign is unscriptural outside, better know the sermon is going… https://t.co/IOj9ikPoNo
38 days ago
Happy Anniversary, @DrSteveFisher & Mrs. Fisher, from @CariHamblin and I! Enjoy your special day! God bless you dea… https://t.co/sXXzItobUk
39 days ago