There's no such thing as a "boring day",...in the perfect will of God! Acts 16:12 #PowerForTheHour
5 days ago
GOD BLESS THOSE YOUNG PREACHERS ACROSS AMERICA TODAY,...who are hanging on to their King James Bible, keeping perso… https://t.co/rSaipBrkxY
5 days ago
@Dr_H_Rodriguez amen, Amen, and AMEN, friend! @Dr_H_Rodriguez
5 days ago
Heading to the revival pulpit in Hastings, MI! Joy in serving Jesus! @NWPetePetersen
8 days ago
Greatly enjoyed preaching this a.m. in an area wide Preachers Fellowship, with Brother James White! He's been preac… https://t.co/doRU1ZEJOI
14 days ago
Sometimes a preacher just needs the company of someone he has complete confidence in,..."HIM (Timotheus) WOULD PAUL… https://t.co/TQCPPBF7Ll
14 days ago
@DrJaysonGodsey Amen, Bro! Beautiful! #OTR4EveryGeneraton @DrJaysonGodsey
17 days ago
RT @GuyBeaumont: Wonderful time of fellowship with my wife, son, @DrJohnNHamblin , Pastor Eric Brown and his son. https://t.co/9OPbZkO2J5
18 days ago
No better recommendation for any man or ministry than,..."THE GRACE OF GOD"! Acts 15:40 #PowerForTheHour
19 days ago
@DrDonKAnderson @Thrower25 Amen, friend! @DrDonKAnderson
22 days ago
After preaching tonight, "How To Lead A Jailer To Jesus!", a lady shared that when she was a student @go_gbc , she… https://t.co/LrAis4fjDY
26 days ago
Great start yesterday to missions conference at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church Sanborn, NY! Full and warm altars all day!
27 days ago
RT @ChrisBa59129450: @DrJohnNHamblin Happy birthday and may God continue to bless always!!! Isaiah 40:31
30 days ago
Happy Birthday, @lyledye ! Enjoy your special day! God bless you dear friend!
32 days ago
Happy Birthday, @DrJaredAYoung , from @CariHamblin and I! Sure appreciate you dear folks, your extremely encouragin… https://t.co/GuEQB8gjSZ
32 days ago
Last week, on his own, Jr. Rodriguez, sat on the front row of the "Faith of Our Fathers" conference to hear… https://t.co/3kMqvIHYee
34 days ago
Preach, man of God, PREACH! 😜 @DrDonKAnderson @PastorLee2007 https://t.co/MO2v4W0e2L
36 days ago
RT @BroSpencer: Sometimes I have my picture taken with famous preachers so that people will think I’m a famous preacher too!!! 😂😂😂 Thanks @…
37 days ago
@CariHamblin and I, sure do love Sara, & Jr. Rodriguez! Some very sweet preacher's kids! @Dr_H_Rodriguez… https://t.co/MolW24cQBc
39 days ago
Great to have with me in revival tonight, @DrJaysonGodsey ! A dear friend of over 20+ years, and a real deal man of… https://t.co/0wnWWBBx8k
47 days ago