Excited about the opportunity to speak to FCA at Jonesboro High School. Pray that God will let me be a blessing
8 days ago
“Prayer that is born of meditation upon the Word of God is the prayer that soars upward most easily to God’s listening ears” - R.A. Torrey
2 months, 0 days ago
Don't let Satan tell you you're worthless. He's just mad because you're worth less to him now that you belong to God
3 months, 11 days ago
Moses told God he wasn't a great speaker but God said I need you to be a great listener (Ex 4:10-12). May we stop and listen for God today
3 months, 26 days ago
Children are products of what their parents put in them. We choose to tell ours about the beautiful name of Jesus…
4 months, 7 days ago
Today's treasure hunt landed a sweet deal. An old Norwegian (Norway) Bible from 1891
9 months, 16 days ago
Thankful for the opportunity to preach in the auditorium last night @HarvestBptistGA. God provided the payment for the debt I couldn't pay
9 months, 18 days ago
RT @HarvestBptistGA: To hear Pastor Arthur's Father's Day message, "Daddy, Will You Be That Man?" go to
1 year ago
"I am not ashamed of Jesus" - @KennyKuykendal1 #WeStandWithGod
1 year ago
"With my whole heart have I sought thee..." (Ps 119:10). How much of your heart is seeking after God today?
2 years ago
Thanks to everyone that came out tonight for our End of Year Celebration. Had a great time, and one kid trusted Christ. To God be the Glory
4 years ago
“@Kenzieheadwhite: & all Gods people said...” // Amen and praise the Lord
4 years ago
@Kenzieheadwhite is there a church bulletin for #twitterchurchtuesday? Just seeing who has nursery. @Katie_kate94 maybe?
4 years ago
RT @_mattbrook_: Church was good !
4 years ago
All the wrath of God I deserved with every breath, fell upon Him, and He loved my heart to death
4 years ago
RT @RBOuellette: Man can't do what God can do. God will not do what He has commanded us to do. And He won't do what we can't until we have done what we can.
5 years ago
RT @JTsutton1: God Help me to love others as you have loved me. Keep me from being like Cain. Let me understand your ways. #IAShate #IAMSECOND #devotion
5 years ago
Thanks for all the prayers. I just felt like an unlikely instrument in the hands of a Sovreign God #blessed
5 years ago
RT @ZackDBrazel: Love listening to Revelation song It gives me hope that God has it all planned out for us
5 years ago
Teaching the 5th/6th graders tonight on why Jesus "constrained" his disciples to get in the boat, even though there was a storm up ahead
5 years ago