RT @stevenfurtick: The provision of God doesn’t mean I’ll never go through a famine, it just means I’ll live through it.
3 months, 3 days ago
RT @Paula_White: It’s your day, it’s your hour, it’s your time to shine! Jesus is your Lord and I declare this is a week of AWESOME for you!
5 months, 3 days ago
RT @Paula_White: Don’t forget the “God factor” -He can do in a minute what man can’t in a lifetime!!
5 months, 9 days ago
RT @cindytrimm: I decree God will sustain u & ur family in this season! He'll supply all ur need! He will help u! He will heal u! He will f…
7 months, 13 days ago
End of a great service by a great man of God.Gloryyyyy!
5 years ago
Consider God's promise over the problem#CrefloDollar
5 years ago
RT @UncleRUSH: You are part of one living breathing God. If God were the ocean u would be a cup of God... Be connected "serve"
5 years ago