@APoulikakos Free will does not exist. Even in Christian circles. God created man without any choice of his own.
2 days ago
@APoulikakos When you say contradictions, do you mean within the bible or compared to reality? Facts such as histor…
4 days ago
@CreationLies @don_goodnight For example it looks like God changes his mind in giving warnings to Joseph in dreams (Matthew 2).
4 days ago
Do you think Ken Ham would build a museum dedicated to the Bible's violence? The Doeg Exhibit How about David's ba…
6 days ago
Pastor Donnie Romero! Nobody would care if he was a compassionate person. But, he's not! He is a dick just like god…
6 days ago
@_exchristian_ I asked the question the other day, "Is the salvation experience emotional or intellectual?" From my…
7 days ago
@_exchristian_ Thats why I think a team of experts should address the details of the issue. I think a book should…
7 days ago
@je_suis_free I dont expect anything from the Bible.
11 days ago
@Through_Science Well in that case all you need is a Bible.
12 days ago
@Goodbye_Jesus @SkepticNikki Let us all bow down.
17 days ago
@_MrsAtheist_ It is okay for an atheist to believe in the soul of a person. This is because the existence of God is…
23 days ago
@MPaulkovich @Goodbye_Jesus Hmmm thomas always was a doubter. I Wonder why...
24 days ago
@TheophilusPrime Two things: 1. Knowing that death is truly the end of things and that we have one life gives peac…
27 days ago
@TheophilusPrime Even if there was a Jesus he is still a fraud.
29 days ago
@verniejim @Goodbye_Jesus It is finished...its so clear!
36 days ago
@APoulikakos Mr. Kallipolis, Well there is no god that we have seen that exists. And you are right, nothing matters…
43 days ago
@johnnyolson77 And with God, the Bible is still wrong. So, it is very uncertain to know which God you are referring to.
44 days ago
@APoulikakos Angelic Cock fight! Lot ended up impregnating both of his daughters. And this was after getting waste…
44 days ago
@BlairLFranklin1 The private conversation between Pilate and Jesus about TRUTH.
47 days ago
@SkepticNikki Which god?
51 days ago