RT @shishybaby: I think it’s possible to be a Christian and to also mind your business. There’s a time to witness to someone and a time to…
3 days ago
RT @ready_set_lena: EVERY Guest Preacher I seen been like this 😂😂😂
26 days ago
RT @DJtheDope1: God watching people badmouth him on the TL about Job
35 days ago
RT @likklebetania: THANK YOU @Essence for ft my campaign w/ EgoSwim (black-owned ofc)🥺💓 Being in Essence Mag was one 1 of the MANY visions…
40 days ago
RT @seanplank: I'm pretty sure Jesus would have lost it if he found a statue of himself. Kind of defeats the whole "came to serve and not b…
43 days ago
RT @BiancawithaV: I need Jesus.
47 days ago
RT @MenkauraB: Y’all don’t read a room, a Bible, an article, nothing.
2 months, 6 days ago
RT @FreddWasHere: Jesus really was speaking to crowds of thousands with no mic thats od
3 months, 10 days ago
RT @simplyl0vely_12: I usually don’t brag on this app, but I just found out I got 4 job offers for my first position as a nurse. I can’t ev…
3 months, 22 days ago
RT @rudegyalzeee: The fact that she was talking about balance but had no balance. There’s a sermon in there somewhere.
5 months, 6 days ago
RT @Complex: "God knew they couldn't be on this earth without each other... he had to bring them home to heaven together." — Vanessa Bryant…
5 months, 12 days ago
RT @KrisKasanova: my god daughter finna get me outta the hood! 😂❤️
6 months, 27 days ago
RT @Cece_B0SSLADY: Since I’ve been engage my mom has been calling me about random things regarding the wedding, marriage, future children e…
7 months, 11 days ago
RT @elijahleftridge: GOD IS AMAZING!!! Thankful isn’t even the word that can express how I feel right now!! LOVE YA’LL AND I MEAN IT. I lea…
7 months, 20 days ago
God made sex. What’s the issue? How y’all not know the ppl depicted on his body aren’t married?
8 months, 19 days ago
RT @annajanaeee: On my TL I’ve seen nothing but sex trafficking warnings and missing girls. God, please protect these girls and young women.
8 months, 29 days ago
RT @bernice_ebanks: Drives me insane when people say “I’m never coming back because this church judges me” as if people in the world won’t…
9 months, 19 days ago
RT @_SJPeace_: Innocent black man received a 10 day sentence in jail, 1 year probation, and a fine for oversleeping. Now just Imagine if he…
10 months, 3 days ago
RT @miaaliya_: Lowkey wish I had a man to cook for so he’d be like “babe this fuck nasty but thank God you makeup for it in other ways.”
10 months, 14 days ago
RT @ToyaRochelle: I thank God I’ll never be in the position to have to pretend to like an ugly man just cuz he’s rich. Omg.
10 months, 22 days ago