RT @TrillxLove: Women are literally faced with temptation EVERY single day. We get hollered at by guys at the gas station, grocery stores,…
5 days ago
RT @hellolondondior: I been having a good life I really wanna thank god
5 days ago
RT @HERTWEETX: it’s in my nature to love and care for ppl. it’s who i am. so even when i don’t get that in return, i must remember that God
6 days ago
RT @Luxari_: When God turns who you thought would be future bae into a lesson https://t.co/0NFt1UEhlJ
55 days ago
RT @TrEy_BeAL: I know God got me
4 months, 17 days ago
RT @TeamJuJu: You can overcome anything with God 🙏🏾
6 months, 25 days ago
RT @iamjoppy: God will not bless a relationship that excludes him.
8 months, 25 days ago
RT @__tianniraaa: God got me man, I know he do🤞🏽
8 months, 25 days ago
What do you value the most in your life? — god and my family http://t.co/U8dsuCb8K1
4 years ago
I ain't stressin' cause God does things for a reason. I trust him and i know what he's doing. He has great plans for me.
5 years ago
They got me up early for church.
5 years ago
I'm up early cause i'm going to church.(:
5 years ago