RT @mecmeccc: I swear 2 god it feel like mfs don’t love me nomo
3 days ago
RT @johntavius: Trina & foxy are Deadass the only girls we can trust thank God for them https://t.co/8pfsbm54Ts
7 days ago
RT @thebaemarcus: Sex with Nap with Go on dates with Match outfits with Watch movies with Roadtrips with Goto church with Volunteer with Sp…
9 days ago
RT @_diaryofalysse: I try not to stress over anything. I give it to God to handle & smile!
31 days ago
RT @lifeandsoundvip: to me, Wipe Me Down epitomizes how even in the hardest of times, God will make a way for you to enjoy life https://t.c…
56 days ago
RT @nut_magnificent: I shall fear no man but GOD. ✊🏾
2 months, 21 days ago
RT @Cyn_Santana: Shoutout to God!!!!
2 months, 27 days ago
RT @__HaitianBeauty: Me realizing that God removed all the demons I called friends or lovers out of my life so I can finish out 2017 as a h…
3 months, 15 days ago
RT @mecmeccc: I'm tryna refrain from being so crazy & reacting but it's like God b telling me to
3 months, 20 days ago
RT @Kingpaul__: Everything will fall in place soon by God's grace.
3 months, 25 days ago
RT @thatgirljaycole: Nothing God puts his hands on can fail.
4 months, 3 days ago
RT @reallilscrappy: Just gotta b grateful for God being God
5 months, 4 days ago
RT @Antithetic_: GOD IS SO GOOD!❤️
8 months, 27 days ago