RT @NekiasNBA: Maybe it's you, LeBron. Maybe it's you.
1 hour ago
@WPBF25News How about : Miami Heat Justice Winslow set to return on Sunday or Dion Waiters opts for season ending s…
3 days ago
@BitcoinDood Stuck down by Venezuelan Senate, not being released. Not even a real crypto currency it's just an oil…
3 days ago
@CryptoGodFatha It'll definitely be a Chinese space company.
5 days ago
RT @XCryptomaniac: WIN FREE 1000 REDDCOINS ! How to enter?: FOLLOW @XCryptomaniac , LIKE and RETWEET this post ! Took the initiative to pr…
7 days ago
Bright was a great movie! Don't trust the critics. #Netflix #Bright
22 days ago