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@matthewjdowd @GuardiansBeer And just like women raised klan men you have women who sat silent through what ever ab… https://t.co/f9VeQUOoDD
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@YudahIsrael And finally nowhere in all of Torah and prophets is there any examples of virgin birth however there i… https://t.co/vaDNhXZWWT
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@SDrinsinger @klford7602 race is a factor just as it is in colonization and cultural corruption are parts. in Scrip… https://t.co/NaHitgNCbZ
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@TLamontray this can go under the heading , "what's wrong with the kjv European bible. it's speaking of the host of… https://t.co/b47bJTT44v
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@Yahchild_ @Zebulove @SpokenTruuth See this man diverts people into confusion a false prophet and profiteering off… https://t.co/261GsdesS4
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@_YasminePhelps I hear you I'm praying special prayer this upcoming Shabbat Yah bless
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@BRHSXCSTAR So the heathens deception has you in opposition to the creator and the insertion of the gnostic imposto… https://t.co/S64PVLebHW
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As the three major religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism is a corruption of the same. https://t.co/ulvfOwA9E1
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@hereiam9876 @TheRealYoG @thehill Revelation 3:9 Says this as well Question do you read your Bible? It's throughout. https://t.co/1eDlE0yOCO
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@MJDadof7 Apostle a nice Greek term but they weren't Greek, this chosen twelve was one from each of the twelve trib… https://t.co/dexAhiWAgQ
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RT @TomthunkitsMind: Well hallelujah! At least this one is being charged correctly! Man caught on video confronting woman over Puerto Rico…
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@goGinaaaaaaa Operators attempting to work under Yah behalf but say there's no Messiah. Wrong Torah prophets speaks of a Messiah.
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It's in the ancient Hebrew text, Oh it's in the Christian bible too. https://t.co/C3yZxn3pVn
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@IsraeliteYhwh No study about the history of the Christian bible, the development of religion etc.
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Crucified Like Jesus: Scientists Examine 2,000-Year Old Remains Found in Italy https://t.co/a1oMKAp2KK
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@DikelediBernice @moloramonna Enoch is mentioned and quoted throughout the common 66 books that the Christian bible… https://t.co/fGXSidRCTi
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RT @LivingWordGosp1: NO NEED TO FEAR! YAH HAS ALREADY SEALED SAVED DONE! Isaiah 35:4 Say to those with fearful hearts, "Be strong, do not f…
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@KissAdDissAd Understood not trying to be argumentive, just clarity Shalom be safe
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