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RT @NBCNews: "I would certainly apologize if you'd like me to do that. I know nothing about them." President Trump answers questions from…
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RT @EdKrassen: @IRdotnet @realDonaldTrump God I can’t wait until Mueller gets you!
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RT @washingtonpost: Analysis: Trump’s anti-Muslim and anti-media tweets demonstrate deep insecurity
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@funder Jesus..only in Texas.
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RT @crooksandliars: Osteen tells parishioners that losing everything is a "compliment" from God. WHAT?
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RT @cmclymer: Houston's @indivisible_usa is acquainted with @JoelOsteen's Lakewood Church. They took these pics about an hour ago w/ commen…
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RT @cliffhiggs: @FoxNews Good you biased douchebags at Fox ever give up? Or dp you believe this drivel?!
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RT @RyanLizza: The Nazis are celebrating Trump's reaction to Charlottesville. "God bless him."
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@FoxNews @USMC Jesus..its work not therapy. Only on Faux will you see this crap.
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RT @HillaryClinton: Trump stood by his proposed Muslim ban just last week. Now he's trying to backpedal. Don't let him.…
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