RT @JoshBuice: If the gospel alone saves sinners and unites us together in Jesus—we don't need Marxism (of any brand), intersectionality, o…
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There are some things in life that cannot be fixed, some sorrows that never really go away. Will we bare our souls,… https://t.co/igdiPJe4Ae
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@JohnWCasey885 @First_Cabbage Christians caring for one another, particularly during persecution, is/should be the… https://t.co/aeAeisWhGs
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@NintraAa I have Christian friends that grouped together to hire a Christian teacher to teach their children under… https://t.co/V8u9GLUd2h
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@5pointsMckinley @swiderski_paul @pamelasweeten @MMNTLeo @RenaeisBorn @robertgtan @radiusblue @Beth4565 @stone_719… https://t.co/GHUjVQTQgA
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@NurseryAngry Amen! I told a friend I was childproofing my house so her kids could come over. She thought I meant p… https://t.co/locyERgf67
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"I will be God to you and to your children" ~ The Promise of Yahweh to his people. https://t.co/adSVcjusFx
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@robertgtan @swiderski_paul @Non_Plussed @MamaMaez @RenaeisBorn @pamelasweeten @Iamabookaddict Great outline, Rober… https://t.co/3AZ1dzJN5v
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Proverbs 25 First, I have to say that I love verse 1. This kind of detail confirms the historicity of Scripture.… https://t.co/M9yC87RaQe
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RT @dustinbenge: Jesus did not come to put a new coat of paint on the systems of the world. Jesus came to annihilate the world systems an…
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@robertgtan It is true that we (Christians) are to care for the brethren who suffer lack. We are to give to the poo… https://t.co/M1GcV4Teyq
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@seansgame @pseudoABoethius @shawnie_moore @bkben3 @OldSchoolPresby @EvenWokerPresby @ChortlesWeakly Sounds like a… https://t.co/FznjvmnDrH
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@bkben3 @OldSchoolPresby @pseudoABoethius @shawnie_moore @EvenWokerPresby @seansgame @ChortlesWeakly Instruction fo… https://t.co/05feNOMLZG
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RT @desiringGod: God will hold us accountable for every careless word we speak — including on Facebook and Twitter.
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@AmyMantravadi @bandmanakers It’s a combination of men trying to follow me that use twitter as a dating/hookup site… https://t.co/Bow7mLSF41
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RT @ntbcpastor: On this date in June 1891, C.H. Spurgeon preached his final sermon at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London. Spurgeon sheph…
40 days ago
RT @ZackJamesCole: 11 years ago today my truck ran over an IED. Thank you God all of us walked away from it.
40 days ago
My thoughts: Wisdom comes from God, from His mouth, i.e. His word. We have His word in the Bible, so we will find… https://t.co/q9dyKhVDOP
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@trinitarianRick @JCambassador_rp @NatePickowicz ...The first impugns God. The second would mean there is created o… https://t.co/ei2DJO3iHK
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My pastor is fond of saying that we humans are idol factories. I see people idolizing Barak Obama while others idol… https://t.co/g0ihlrQQpH
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