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@linda_brickley How would you expect that gun control keeps us safe? To protect ones family, community and ones sel…
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@TSearcaigh @GreyConscience @KristianRiise @CallMeMisterD @GovMikeHuckabee @realDonaldTrump We can all be compared…
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@Mrgoodbar70 @AyeAyeKapitan @AmandaShouting @Boxerworks @jayszip @SpookZ_TCG @The_Trump_Train USA founding fathers…
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RT @CharlieDaniels: For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. John-3-17
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@Pink_About_it Not necessarily, many kids spend more time at school or in other activities than at home other adult…
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@ntlsheresisted @khoeprich @ricecake202 @paulkrugman Perhaps it does, but my health insurance doesn’t need to cover…
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@CharmanWilson @OG_Twit_Jesus @Boys201316 @lawhawk @realDonaldTrump What makes you think that?
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RT @AMike4761: #UK: Police Arrest 900 #Muslim Migrants In England And Wales For “Sickening” Crimes – #fo2eu
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RT @RobinHurley10: I follow back all @POTUS Supporters! Rt and follow those who rt. Follow each other but vet out non Trump supporters. God
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