@eric_clapp I have a memory of the I See Dead People sermon. I'm trying to find a copy.
12 days ago
@eric_clapp I'll have to go look for that sermon. I can't recall it now.
12 days ago
RT @RNS: What does the Bible say about abortion? John J. Collins of @Yale writes, "There is no law in the Bible forbidding the practice."…
40 days ago
@AnthonyGReddie I would be interested too. I recently had a conversation with a Jewish group on the metaphor of the…
5 months, 7 days ago
RT @MahriFleckman: I used to think I *got* the BIble’s references to “plague” and “pestilence.” But I didn’t. They were just concepts to me…
7 months, 17 days ago
Way to make a Bible Scholar who specializes in Jeremiah interested in seeing a movie. There's stuff there about Jer…
1 year ago
Great empire history of Christianity creeds, order, system but leaves out Bible as also shaped by empire #UMCGC
4 years ago