RT @RevChrisHall: @noggingrande Instead of focusing on getting people to visit our church, maybe the church should visit the people. Wait,…
26 days ago
RT @FitHog: People are more concerned about what a pastor produces—visits, sermons, budgets, programs—than about what produces a pastor: ti…
3 months, 23 days ago
RT @ChoGMinistries: Church should never be boring; Jesus is NEVER boring! - Allan Fuller, #JesusIsTheSubject #LifePhoenix
7 months, 6 days ago
RT @ronniejmartin: A small town church planter needs to be: 1. Humble - Your work is not small, but your town is, so let your posture fit…
7 months, 20 days ago
RT @shawnlovejoy: “God does not give gifts to people, He gives gifts to the church through people.” @LeonceCrump @churchplanting https://t.…
8 months, 25 days ago
RT @stevenfurtick: We look for God in the destination, but He’s often found in the detour.
8 months, 26 days ago
RT @pastorjgkell: Listening to a podcast alone in your underwear is not a substitute for church. Make plans to worship with other Christi…
9 months, 19 days ago
RT @jeffmatas: When leading change, a leader—regardless of giftedness—can’t simply speak it into existence. Only God can do that. Leading c…
9 months, 22 days ago
RT @Kihms3W: So excited 4 the ministry of @gregwiens & @HealthyLeaders; Amazing comprehensive work 2 better the Church. #NACWitch #reclaim2…
1 year ago
RT @DerwinLGray: Do not confuse your vocation with your primary occupation. Your primary occupation is to worship Jesus through your vocati…
2 years ago
RT @ChurchPlantTips: #fistbump if your church planting strategy is a disciple making strategy!
2 years ago
What a gorgeous morning! Enjoy it with others on the journey; gather, sing to God & study His Word together. Be & Do. #JesusIsTheSubject
2 years ago
God is giving Heaven away today; you don't earn it, you enjoy it & you share it. #awaken
2 years ago
Here's how YOU can make a difference! #churchplanting #AwakenChurch #JesusIsTheSubject
2 years ago
Live wide awake & discover God is just giving Heaven away all around you! #awaken #myyard
2 years ago
NEW BLOG POST! We're planting a church Pt. 5: A Multicultural Chu... #AwakenChurch #JesusIsTheSubject
2 years ago
When we take of the Lord's Table we are in anticipation of the Jesus who shows up. We look forward! #communion
2 years ago
It's a great day to gather with others on this life journey! Sing songs of praise to God & dig into holy Scripture together! #church
2 years ago
Redshirt Freshmen: Transferring Schools to Launch Church Planting Teams - Collegiate Collective
2 years ago
RT @davidaukerman: Salvation is not about accepting Jesus into your heart; it's about being accepted into his heart. "By the grace of God I…
2 years ago