RT @DoYouEvenLif: I’m so sorry to all of the Vets out there going through a daily struggle. I am so in debt to all of you for your service.…
20 days ago
RT @AngelaBelcamino: If you believe Trump has ever opened a Bible, you're a #Biblicalidiot too.
49 days ago
RT @IAmSophiaNelson: I will tell you what is #AgainstGod 1.) Adultery 2.) Sleeping with Porn Stars and lying about it 3.) Sexual Assault…
49 days ago
RT @therecount: Trump on Biden: "No religion, no anything, hurt the Bible, hurt ... God. He's against God, he's against guns."…
49 days ago
RT @NBCNews: WATCH: Speaking in Ohio, President Trump makes up the false assertion that Joe Biden is "against God."
49 days ago
RT @allbewell27: @ChryslerReal i know you are the real Jesus, but this has to be fake. Not even Donald would say something this stupid. p…
51 days ago