RT @NoahHerrin: Hunger for Jesus leads to a lost appetite for things that don’t matter
6 days ago
RT @joelnobis: you know one of the best promises in the bible is that God works all things together for good for his people. he has a way o…
51 days ago
RT @skycrosbyy: God’s timing is perfect
52 days ago
RT @NoahHerrin: I love the moments when the band cuts out and you just hear voices worshipping Jesus. Heaven is going to be awesome.
2 months, 15 days ago
RT @NoahHerrin: Nothing you’ve ever done would make Jesus go back and change his mind about dying on the cross for you. Think about that.…
3 months, 2 days ago
RT @NoahHerrin: Today I chose to replace the lies that the enemy tells me with the truth of Jesus Christ. I am free.
6 months, 2 days ago
RT @NoahHerrin: God didn’t promise to take you out of every tough situation. But he did promise to go into every situation with you. You a…
6 months, 2 days ago
RT @hanbeckham: my momma has always told me that ‘your relationship with God will set the tone for every other relationship in your life’ &…
6 months, 27 days ago
RT @NoahHerrin: Just wait till you see why God had you wait
7 months, 0 days ago
RT @emelie0107: I want to be so connected to Jesus that when my feet hit the ground in the morning, Satan goes “oh crap she’s awake” + runs…
8 months, 1 days ago
RT @emelie0107: I pray that God breaks the bondage of whatever it is that is holding you down tonight. A toxic relationship, a bad grade, s…
8 months, 13 days ago
RT @emelie0107: I want my future husband + I to be role models for our kids and show them what a marriage led by God looks like. Total love…
8 months, 14 days ago
RT @ibfoskey: so thankful for the no's the doors that i've prayed to be opened, but remain shut He is so constant in His timing & faithfuln…
1 year ago
RT @Iove_1__another: Let the love of God radiate from you every chance you get. This life is too short to not lift up those around you.
1 year ago