God bless these brave women! May they push back evil and have fun doing it. #OperationBackyardBrawl
3 days ago
@slydeblack @KateFriday7777 Good thing Jesus is getting ready to take back what is his 😄
4 days ago
If you're not made in God's image then, by Law, you're technically an animal. Courts know this and use it against y…
18 days ago
Above all else, guard your heart. For that is the dwelling place for God.
33 days ago
HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE JESUS? | TB Joshua Sermon via @YouTube
4 months, 23 days ago
@ImperatorTruth This dude mentions you at the ~8min mark ... I stuck up for you in the comments. God bless.
6 months, 26 days ago