RT @101BibleVerses: If your heart is broken just talk to God. Ask him to give you peace and He will.
41 hours ago
RT @101BibleVerses: It's okay to let it go and give it to God.
2 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: God will Always be there for you 24-hours a day, and He will NEVER get too bored to listen to your problems or heartach…
3 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: Dear God, help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you can't handle.
12 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: Keep praying.. It may not be in the exact package you wanted but it'll be what God thinks is best for you.
15 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: Jesus said, “Whoever does what God wants is a brother, sister, or mother to me” - Mark 3:35
25 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: Dear God, help me to put aside The things that are breaking my heart, to pray about things that break yours.
25 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: Hold on... God knows what He is doing.
27 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: When you are tempted to lose patience with someone remember how patient God has been with you.
28 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: God's timing is perfect.
33 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: A Daily realationship with God is essential. Talk to him Daily because he listens every Second.
35 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: We must obey God rather than men - Acts 5:29
37 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: I don't have to worry, because I have faith in what God has planned for my life.
45 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: God is the rock in my life. People and things may come and go, but His love always stays firm.
45 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: For every struggle I endure I just have to thank God because, He is molding me to become the person I need to be.
45 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: On my tough days I just rely on God a little more. He knows my situation. I just have to keep the faith and keep prayin…
47 days ago
RT @101BibleVerses: Dear God, Please bless anyone reading this with a personal experience of Your love, grace and mercy.
50 days ago
RT @TimBurt: Come to the Lord believing His promises! Hebrews 11:6 "...For he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a r…
2 months, 21 days ago
RT @PrincessCassey7: @banderainquirer Thank you so much @banderainquirer god bless MerryDALEangPasko NiEDWARD
3 months, 15 days ago
RT @qkraljica2: @queenbeemae wahh. thank you po direk Mae, hoping she can work with you on other projects in the future. God bless 😍😘 #LIT…
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