@Larrykkeen @robynbryant33 Why does she need to be one? Andrew’s is a shit stain public servant. He’s not a god.
4 days ago
RT @IvankaTrump: Yesterday @realDonaldTrump granted Duke Tanner clemency after 16 years in prison. Duke was sentenced to life in prison fo…
5 days ago
@AndrewAJH Andrew, you clearly sit down to piss. Stop treating government like a god.
9 days ago
The statist boot licking in Victoria is embarrassing. How did people become so in awe of a public servant seeing hi…
10 days ago
RT @DavidLeyonhjelm: ‘Dan Andrews think he’s God’ former top cop says via @newscomauHQ
24 days ago
RT @maddow: God bless the president and the first lady. If you pray, please pray for their speedy and complete recovery — and for everyone…
26 days ago
@jameyjasta @LTTorchBand Australia 🇦🇺 please for the love of all things metal! I’ll start a crowd fund god dammit 😂
2 years ago
RT @lambofgod: Before Lamb of God, there was Burn The Priest. We’re excited to resurrect #BurnThePriest for a full length album titled #Leg…
2 years ago
RT @Imamofpeace: If the plan was to have an Islamic earth 🌏, God would have made us all Muslim. But that clearly isn't the case. Stop sitti…
3 years ago
RT @Imamofpeace: Extremist Mufti declared me an apostate from Islam... I declared him an apostate from humanity.
3 years ago
If this is a terrorist attack, so be it, skin colour has NOTHING to do with it. Islam is the problem not skin colour or race #FinsburyPark
3 years ago