God is telling me to do/own my own hustle. I know exactly what I wanna do I’m just lost as to how to do it.
3 days ago
God protect me from anything that’s not for me🙏🏾
8 days ago
Sometimes when God wants you to change your perspective it means you have to change your position. By positioning y… https://t.co/UpEsWIT7yc
21 days ago
Amen! https://t.co/YoV4ILgqYj https://t.co/TsfjvzyhKH
22 days ago
I’m at a place where I’m finally understanding that God has a calling on my life that requires some struggle, it re… https://t.co/P0v8AmqA6E
29 days ago
God is still good🙌🏾
37 days ago
The next time you’re faced with adversity take a moment and ask yourself “what do I need to learn from this situati… https://t.co/1Dga52V08i
41 days ago
God is still good!
45 days ago
@BrilliantBlkGrl AND I feel like crying everyday because this is not where I saw myself with 2 degrees🙄 I know God… https://t.co/coYeFMitRm
2 months, 9 days ago
In the end you can’t take any of your degrees, accolades or accomplishments with you to the grave so be content in… https://t.co/YHDZEFp4kl
2 months, 14 days ago
God usually doesn’t speak through a booming voice or some supernatural phenomena. It occurs in a small whisper, a r… https://t.co/4ISosxiaHv
3 months, 1 days ago
God is still good.
3 months, 24 days ago
God will give you exactly what you need even though you didn’t know you needed it🙌🏾
3 months, 26 days ago
Above all....love. https://t.co/c5CQnEYYMK https://t.co/08ZeDbEFFY
4 months, 4 days ago
Thank God for @DoubleTreeSyr and the amazing staff that have made my trip tolerable. From complimentary @Hersheys b… https://t.co/lmFR6WC7Q1
4 months, 18 days ago
God is so faithful! 🙌🏾
5 months, 6 days ago
God. Is. Good.
5 months, 6 days ago
God cares about the little things! Got an A in my internship course!!!! *twerks* https://t.co/l7Es810s5A
5 months, 7 days ago
Give it all to God...your health( physical & mental), your finances, your education aspirations, your needs, your c… https://t.co/0UgxsuXU36
5 months, 7 days ago
God blessed us with turn signals for a reason 🙄
7 months, 14 days ago