RT @AllahGreatQuran: Allah knows, When you feel all alone in this world and there no body to count your tears Just remember, No matter wher…
8 days ago
RT @anzyozikiandaa: #INTENTIONS you can see, hear and feel the difference in his soul. he’s happy and i really think that’s why i’m bawling…
15 days ago
RT @AllahGreatQuran: Mother is a Biggest Blessing From ALLAH. Don’t let Your Mother to weep. Mother is the precious Gift of life.
33 days ago
RT @AllahGreatQuran: Sadness spoils your life. See on the Sky, how bright the stars are Everyone is happy! . “Be Not sad, Surely ALLAH is…
34 days ago
RT @AllahGreatQuran: My Lord! Truly, I am in need of whatever good that You bestow on me. #Quran 28:24
37 days ago
RT @AllahGreatQuran: Start with ALLAH. Stay with ALLAH. End with ALLAH.
43 days ago