A Picture of Jesus #anger #sin Learn More! https://t.co/BdWL5qV6II https://t.co/kU0VUl12HA
21 days ago
“Waiting is no waste in God’s economy.” https://t.co/VQYfpC6mrB
24 days ago
“Crooked Paths, Our Free Will, and a Loving God" https://t.co/8YAaqqPRxS #faith Learn More! https://t.co/2xXPtou9yO
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The Gospel and One-Another Ministry, Part 1 https://t.co/f37WY95l3E #adultery Learn More! https://t.co/XwlkLNgD21
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My Wretchedness and the Love of God https://t.co/8Neb8iW9Pj #sin Learn More! https://t.co/0yenZ9A0kn
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Book Review: God's Healing for Life's Losses https://t.co/UKCpJ3SJaF #bitterness Learn More! https://t.co/ip4hxC1HUl
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“Even when God disciplines us, it is a precious form of his favor.” https://t.co/cy6zxaVTbd
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A Challenge to Journal: A Reflection of God’s Faithful Work https://t.co/zepXafEJ6O
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Through Christ We Are On God's Side https://t.co/9amszhvca1 #heart #sin Learn More! https://t.co/YOcLHUU7Un
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Counseling Under the Cross: How Martin Luther Applied the Gospel to Daily Life https://t.co/XkZSWEYbuS Learn More! https://t.co/tqzgvXZM7F
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God's Purpose & Your #Happiness https://t.co/eCfWB4hzjs #christiangrowth #contentment #discontentment #emotions
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Why Not Divorce? God wants us to be happy, right? #Divorce #Marriage #BC4Women https://t.co/3kbBLiMfUK
11 months, 20 days ago
God is sovereign over our friendships. He gives and He takes away. https://t.co/mdbJj6RROf via @RGCounselKC
1 year ago
Jesus admonishes Peter for his lack of faith, and he asks him a question: “Why did you doubt?” https://t.co/OGkYtEKlIa
2 years ago
"The Bible is always relevant." - Heath Lambert #BCCGlobalSummit #Theology #BibleCn
2 years ago
1/2 thru your life, you don’t want to look back & realize that you’ve been blundering along & wasting the time God has given you. #BibleCn
2 years ago
Here we go! RT @SGanschow: As a biblical counselor, we take direction from the unchanging Word of God. #BibleCn #Perspective // #Track3
3 years ago
The 49% is still FULL investment on the part of the wife. The only separating factor is the responsibility God has designated to the husband
3 years ago