RT @LindaMLC: GoFundMe for 7th district Baptist church fires. Please help if you can. Fundraiser by Ruth Jack : Seventh District Baptist C…
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RT @johnpavlovitz: "Christians need to stop passing the buck to God, and just own the compromises and sick bedfellows they've been willing…
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RT @johnpavlovitz: Amen. https://t.co/RpouU6s8TC
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RT @MuslimIQ: My God. Border Line Bar wasnt just any bar—It was where Vegas shooting survivors would meet for solace •Telemachus Orfanos s…
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RT @MuslimIQ: •Armed white terrorist—Gregory Bush—tried to enter a black church but couldn’t •Then entered a grocery store & murdered 2 dif…
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RT @tedlieu: Dear Pat Robertson: Remember when Jesus said it's okay to deal with murderers as long as you can make a profit? Me neither. ht…
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RT @RI_BOE: Voting machine at Nathan Bishop School in Providence has been cleared. A voter inadvertently inserted the ballot too quickly an…
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RT @kitchen5203: Bombed by the K.K.K. A Friend of Rosa Parks. At 90, This White Pastor Is Still Fighting. https://t.co/vdl0lsyWew
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RT @truthdiviner: 1 ICE is rounding up green card holders Kathryn Krawczyk ⁦@ACLU⁩ ⁦@DNC⁩ ⁦@Lawrence⁩ @SenJohnMcCain⁩ ⁦@JerryBrownGov⁩ ⁦@G…
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RT @williamlegate: WARNING: The #Pizzagate crew is planning on coming out with multiple fake sexual harassment allegations against a high-p…
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RT @JimKilbane: A Response to the Evangelicals Who Support Trump: Have You Read the Bible Lately? | The Nation https://t.co/3sNwHvxLlQ
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@girlsreallyrule Amen!
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@BobbyTBD @trisagion3 @Bros4Hillary Layin' of Hands... Praying God save the #Republic
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RT @toddstarnes: Just got back from Trump's "conversation" with Evangelicals. No mention of Jesus.
2 years ago
All of the 🌎 oldest #religions have troubling histories of bloodshed Singling out #Islam just #Trump’s latest, hateful hypocrisy-JULIA IOFFE
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