@MiggiNiad The wo-man came from Adam. She wasn't the first creation but a product of God providing man a helper an… https://t.co/INSzCJnB91
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@BillyPilgrim41 @HeathenOpinions @UsualOaf @Another_Pleeb @Jimmyha33 @TakeThatDarwin @CubeSteve @JaTapps… https://t.co/4ubSJuDHS5
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@DB_Grimwalker @kevinclarkjpi @JaTapps @Lizzy_Lang7 @WoopsWoah @NolteTs @Ironwood_SMG He never observed change. He… https://t.co/2nN3bFeFhK
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@WatchDog1812 @TakeThatStraw AS I SAID,the Just Judge, will judge those who have never heard the gospel, by their c… https://t.co/FrXk2FgPhR
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@danielbkof2 @TakeThatStraw And according to the first-century Jewish historian Josephus, the Jewish religious hier… https://t.co/A3Bl6tJdZB
45 days ago
@icavalera63 @TakeThatStraw No... because God says so! And because of the historical evidence! But thanks for playing.
45 days ago
@Lizzy_Lang7 @WoopsWoah @JaTapps @NolteTs @Ironwood_SMG Or.... A real Jesus had such an impact on humanity that our… https://t.co/TkBfW1YHsK
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@Lizzy_Lang7 @WoopsWoah @JaTapps @NolteTs @Ironwood_SMG My evidence comes from KNOWING Jesus... and the revelation… https://t.co/Ubfny0EF5C
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@davestewart4444 @WoopsWoah @JaTapps @Lizzy_Lang7 @NolteTs @Ironwood_SMG Both were created the same day. " In the b… https://t.co/PUNdyYxjLy
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@WoopsWoah @Lizzy_Lang7 @JaTapps @NolteTs @Ironwood_SMG Jesus created the heavens and earth. Would you like the scr… https://t.co/46q9cfeIgW
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@WoopsWoah @Lizzy_Lang7 @JaTapps @NolteTs @Ironwood_SMG Science CANNOT explain how life came into being. Because th… https://t.co/NkvwLK2lJ8
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@dickwhite @Alyssa_Milano @MarvelStudios Who's standing up for Jesus?
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@SaysWho14 @RepKevinBoyle Offended at the Name of Jesus?
54 days ago
@Soddem_666 @WoopsWoah @randolf828 @JaTapps @NolteTs @Ironwood_SMG Gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans ha… https://t.co/HWtexdRI9W
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@DouglassShabazz @PSaminsky @DonorsFirst @LarrySchweikart @AndrewYang I envy cultures they discipline their childre… https://t.co/kHvL1QbLL8
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@tweetbrowser81 @SooperBlondee @JerryDunleavy @benshapiro There is nothing fictional about Jesus. There are no talk… https://t.co/BM9cR48VUg
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@NolteTs @Ironwood_SMG Certainly He is God. He is part of the trinity. One God in 3 persons, the Father, Son and Ho… https://t.co/W69xbPhPGD
3 months, 10 days ago
@NolteTs @Ironwood_SMG Uh... no. Read a few from the chart. Also, Jesus is God in the flesh, not just a prophet.
3 months, 11 days ago
@NolteTs @Ironwood_SMG And you don't have to see God to know it's possible, right?
3 months, 12 days ago