RT @wilma7771: Yesterday I let my cat out to roll around on the patio for five minutes. She was persistent, so I gave in. 😕 Two dogs jumped…
9 days ago
RT @PoliticalShort: So God Made a Farmer by Paul Harvey. Still the best #SuperBowl commercial ever made.
15 days ago
RT @Jamierodr10: .No Veteran Should Be Buried Alone. Air Force Veteran, Jospeh Walker had no family and when the community found out the wo…
21 days ago
@LarryBonderud @JackPosobiec Except Islam of course. Because of how oppressed they are and sh$t
27 days ago
RT @JackPosobiec: NEW: Covington parents are pulling their children out of Catholic confirmation ceremony next week unless Bishop Foys apol…
27 days ago
@AminHelan @RaisedToRespect @plzholdon @samaher433 Tens of thousands? More like tens of millions. Sarah is an idiot…
49 days ago
@tonyvelas2 @Reuters I have no problems with Muslims Tony. No I wouldn’t want to live in an majority Muslim country…
2 months, 6 days ago
RT @FoxNews: .@LindseyGrahamSC on Kavanaugh confirmation battle: "If this is the new normal, God help us all."
4 months, 19 days ago
@wukster I don’t understand what game people think they’re watching? Lying manipulating and back stabbing is part o…
5 months, 7 days ago
@mlangester Would it still be justified if instead the doctor was brown and Muslim? If she made that knowledge pub…
5 months, 12 days ago
@bugsme012 Oh Jesus is there anything you people are not offended by? It’s a figure of speech. It’s not that bad dude
5 months, 14 days ago
@TAB2RD 🤦‍♀️ Can you imagine a season without blindsides and lies? How boring. It’s big brother not bible camp.
5 months, 19 days ago
@AtwoZfromUtwoMe Notice majority Muslim countries are shithioles where women are treated slightly better than live stock?
5 months, 25 days ago
@exesandohsxoxo Ugh Jesus they’re in an alliance together. Tell that to fessy who is throwing his game away over Ha…
6 months, 2 days ago