@Jayecane You are kind @Jayecane For some of us experiencing devastating news rn, it’s nice to see someone giving t… https://t.co/2Ll4m05ChU
10 days ago
@chrislhayes @atrupar Exactly!! “may” “smart choices” TF 🤨 Clearly that ain’t working but hay, let’s just keep goin… https://t.co/B6bl7sRzEN
12 days ago
@RichThomasWX God bless you Rich👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🙏🏻✌🏻💖
36 days ago
@FarmerBen01 @elainebatt3 @VERBAL_CHANCLA @KellyO You’re right Ben. I shouldn’t’ve been questioning his motives. No… https://t.co/WGri0Exqns
45 days ago
@CoffeeNCream9 AMEN!! Dear Lord hear our prayers!! 🙏🏻
47 days ago
@BillyBaldwin Aww Billy, you already know and you know it won’t happen. For the LOVE OF GOD I DO NOT KNOW WHY!! 😪
55 days ago
@itsJeffTiedrich I like administrations who don’t say each other “misspoke” every Mother Fucking DAY!! Sorry Mama J… https://t.co/prH5DdqK1y
57 days ago
@brianstelter @JamieStelter 🙏🏻✌🏻🕊❤️ and also to those in accompaniment😪 Only God knows why and I’m ok with that Spread SHINE🌈☀️not shade⛈
2 months, 3 days ago
Beautiful!! Thank you God for these Mamas!! https://t.co/oOqMRo4qPC
2 months, 10 days ago
Yup. @StephenKing has pretty much got a lock on what is good and what is evil!! DjT is a devil worker!! This is the… https://t.co/KwWEZJMIhf
3 months, 13 days ago
Ana Navarro Shreds Ivanka’s ‘Hypocritical’ Photo Promoting Goya: She Holds a Can of Beans 'Like Her Father Holds a… https://t.co/FGll90zsfD
4 months, 21 days ago
@Brucewayneky @shai_nnn @pulte Same to ya Shug. Hey I’ve got a spoiled Pup, a mean 20yo black Siamese, a smart smar… https://t.co/jIJLWJX7VT
8 months, 6 days ago
@RichThomasWX I’m so so so so so so happy I found you again @RichThomasWX!! W§£A tried, but there is NOT ONE SINGLE… https://t.co/0fUhkRn9iy
10 months, 18 days ago
@Mrs_ARockstar 🙏🏻 AMEN 🤘🏻🤩 JESUS take the wheel
1 year ago
@shealeeV @hauntedmuseum @shealeeV YAZ @StayshasWeird YES GIRL, a Bible & cross ✝️ 😇😍 https://t.co/Tbu3kRCm6t
1 year ago
@StayshasWeird It means you need to hear that JESUS LOVES YOU. That place was evil af. I can NOT believe you went there everyday.
1 year ago