@BishopSeitz @AGlassBlake I did not claim you were not involved in the pro-life movement. Isaid, "I pray this same… https://t.co/WA4woWuFFa
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@tracesoffaith I pretty much only use the Catholic RSV for English but I have an app to check the Latin vulgate and… https://t.co/PAabZPRUkS
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RT @BishopBurbidge: On the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, we ask for his grace to echo Mary’s “yes” to God’s holy will even whe…
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@PLClinicquotes @CCamosy I do look at many negative things in the Church and I want to be part of a force for good… https://t.co/NIXtxEH4Ii
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RT @LNEnriquez: One day soon, history will remember Torres and her ilk the same we remember Josef Mengele. They're representatives and perp…
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This makes me so happy. God bless Holly. She was and will remain one of the greatest heroes of the 21st century. https://t.co/vXdgHeneOg
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@FrMatthewLC Honestly, how is "in some parts of the church" a relevant critique by Martin? It sounds like he's just… https://t.co/v478uefYiS
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@TXHasson It was being misreported as Wuerl's church, but still, seems like a bad omen for a roof in Rome to collapse this week.
10 months, 18 days ago
RT @frjohnhollowell: Brother priests: PLEASE DO NOT use this weekend’s Gospel question to challenge your people, as in “well, this is hard…
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RT @ccpecknold: Fr. Dominic Legge O.P. has a brilliant, straightforward, realistic, implementable plan for the bishops. https://t.co/NFV8xo…
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@randyalcorn I think the distinction between joy and happiness is important here. Gratitude for God's grace toward… https://t.co/ho9F2Fgf0T
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RT @TheLiberal_ie: Dublin priest tells congregation during Sermon "if you voted yes, you have no business receiving Holy Communion" - https…
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RT @CatSzeltner: "She's been a strong leader in the wrong direction. All of these beautiful skills that she was blessed by God...and used t…
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RT @dlongenecker1: Day of Mercy: I will be in the confessional from 10am - 5:30 today. Our Lady of the Rosary, Greenville. Upper Church. Ad…
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@JeffQuinton Amen! I'm reading "Daily Reflections on Divine Mercy" at the moment - it was a Christmas gift from my… https://t.co/ZfzFPE2KCb
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11. Second, our churches MUST. RISE. UP. If every Judeo-Christian church in America took a stand for its #prolife v… https://t.co/tODlS4f4ME
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@KristanHawkins Amen
1 year ago
@CatSzeltner Whenever Jesus says "all of you," I like think he's saying both "all people" and "all of each individual person"
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@DrJayRichards Health wealth healthy wealthy please make a donation to my "church" health wealth
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RT @StevenErtelt: Planned Parenthood Abortionist Prays Next to Pro-Life Sign and Thanks God She Can Kill Babies https://t.co/RfoiK6Rbbh htt…
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