RT @cindytrimm: A promise is only as good as the integrity of the one who makes it! All the promises of God r in Him, yes & amen! U can t…
10 days ago
RT @troubledontlast: It's not that God is silent, it's that our distractions are sometimes too loud.
11 days ago
RT @cindytrimm: You will accomplish more than u thought possible towards fulfilling your biggest dreams, accomplishing ur grandest goals &…
11 days ago
RT @RealTalkKim: Buckle UP baby! God is up to something BIG!!
26 days ago
RT @DrBillWinston: Your season of surviving is over! God did not put you on this planet to just survive, He put you here to thrive! @nhclc…
39 days ago
RT @troubledontlast: Sometimes God puts you in places ALONE, because He needs you to realize you DO NOT need anybody but Him.
40 days ago
RT @cindytrimm: As a beloved child of God, u r not meant to be a servant to trouble, poverty, adversity or sorrow. U are meant to be master…
50 days ago
RT @cindytrimm: I bless u today! As u begin a new week may goodness & good people surround u! May God disappoint ur haters by blessing u wi…
58 days ago
RT @EddieConnorJr: Things are shifting, expect it to go from NO WHERE...to NOW HERE! When God moves, you’ve got to move just like that. He…
4 months, 16 days ago
RT @Paula_White: When you put God first everything else will fall into place!!
4 months, 27 days ago
RT @RealTalkKim: God is restoring it like it never happen!
9 months, 23 days ago
RT @cindytrimm: Let ur heart soar with expectation as u worship! God is near u, help is made available to u upon demand! Gods promises will…
11 months, 1 days ago
RT @RealTalkKim: When God is guiding you... you can’t worry about who doesn’t understand it!
11 months, 16 days ago
RT @RealTalkKim: Nobody can STOP what God is about to do in your life!!
1 year ago
RT @ProphetJoLynne: 3️⃣ There is currently a strong anointing for new opportunities, sudden promotions, strategic breakthrough and elevatio…
1 year ago
RT @ProphetJoLynne: Today marks a NEW BEGINNING for you in Jesus’ name! No more fear! No more lack! No more will the enemy plunder what’s y…
1 year ago
RT @whojustintaylor: There’s no God quite like you. You’ve been my Father, my Redeemer and so much. Jesus, you came and changed my life. Wh…
2 years ago
RT @whojustintaylor: Jesus is the Living God.
2 years ago
RT @RealTalkKim: Every blessing associated with your name shall locate you, in Jesus' name!
2 years ago
RT @christys08: Sometimes things happen in our lives we might not understand but just know God has a purpose for… https://t.co/l82EwHBYjX
2 years ago