@DOJMainJustice @ryanobles @BernieSanders @OutFrontCNN @KFILE Oh Jesus. You know you guys sound just like Trump supporters right?
3 days ago
@ScottWalker Does Jesus say anything about begging people to pay money to go with you on a cruise?
47 days ago
@martin_mima @tomwatson Oh Jesus Christ. Go somewhere where you can get deprogrammed.
57 days ago
@PPSE_Advocates And that is because as one lawmaker put it "God has a plan and that plan isn't always fair." THIS I… https://t.co/dtElCNUPsD
2 months, 1 days ago
@tomwatson The only hope? God they are delusional.
4 months, 19 days ago
@ravelesm @bryanbehar She's not a centrist! God you guys are the f***in worst. Red roses are worse than red hats at this point.
5 months, 23 days ago
@bensmomjo54 @JakeMadtown @ScottWalker Judging that he is basically just communicating in Bible quotes at this poin… https://t.co/HWEwPRhuyt
8 months, 7 days ago
@ToniMZ81 @LeahVukmir @hughhewitt @HillaryClinton @DeanHeller Well thank God you don't Toni.
9 months, 13 days ago
@doctorcherokee @adevlin30 @AnnCoulter If God's grace makes you think women are liars and sexual assault is ok, then no thanks.
9 months, 21 days ago
@PastorTomKresal @GovWalker @ScottWalker Big fan of fake Christians then, huh Pastor Tom?
1 year ago
@Franklin_Graham I want Jesus to come back just to see you say that to his face and then watch him bitch slap you b… https://t.co/6kh1yX36eC
1 year ago
@jayman7705 @ScottWalker Show them your papers! God what is wrong with you guys that you cannot put yourself in oth… https://t.co/aOZZWl3ZYU
1 year ago
@Franklin_Graham @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Where in the Bible does it say to support child molesters? Where does it s… https://t.co/F0cS2OGWIn
1 year ago
@WakingUpFrank @andismiths @IronStache Jesus! Everyone who doesn't like Bernie is a centrist huh? Good luck with that bs.
1 year ago
@CBSNews @FaceTheNation Sweet merciful Jesus! We have had enough of these stories! Dems dominated this week. Why… https://t.co/2EJRExTjYF
1 year ago
@owillis I will take a meme over the 3+ paragraph long explanations telling me how evil it is to support HRC and why Bernie is Jesus
3 years ago