Let's all give God the glory & thank him for the blessings he has given us...Such a beautiful world. Pray for peac…
16 days ago
@Kokomothegreat He's the anti-christ!! Read the Bible
45 days ago
@_LoveLike_JESUS Yes! & Amen
2 months, 1 days ago
@ghsthstjulie I love life. Its a precious & blessed gift from God! How so many fight 4 LIFE!
2 months, 5 days ago
@davidaxelrod @POTUS I pray 2 God we do not have another catastrophe like 911... If trump doesn't stop messing we t…
3 months, 7 days ago
@_LoveLike_JESUS Yes & Amen
3 months, 18 days ago
@_LoveLike_JESUS Yes! He is
4 months, 2 days ago
@_LoveLike_JESUS Yes! I do
4 months, 5 days ago
@Born_wild1 Amazing how God gave us such gorgeous animals...
4 months, 13 days ago
@drjoyce_knudsen So very true, but it can b hard at times. I believe God gives us the strength "if we ask him" to overcome our battles...
4 months, 19 days ago
@HalewhatLoretta @JANELLEDALSTRA @TalbertSwan @HopeRadio1 @realDonaldTrump U got that right! People burn me up whe…
5 months, 8 days ago
@realDonaldTrump F**k them when they wake up with no $$$ it will b a blessing from God!! U never no who your going to need life..
5 months, 16 days ago
Peace, happiness & God bless u all
5 months, 23 days ago
@datrumpnation1 @MaryPoff10 Trump has a very sick mind & its so sad he has 2 b called the president of the United S…
6 months, 6 days ago
@JannaWilkinso69 Thanks! Im hoping 4 better days..God is good
6 months, 7 days ago
@JanetteBlack12 @Judyjude2222 @TalbertSwan @SallyDeal4 @realDonaldTrump @belladepaulo I disagree about him destroyi…
6 months, 19 days ago
@goingglocal God is n control. He does not do these bad,mean & hateful things humans do it 2 themselves we get 2 make choices n life.
7 months, 8 days ago
@caaaaroollline @ThereseGeorgiev So very true, but pray & ask God 2 help u just give it 2 him. He loves u
7 months, 27 days ago
@FoxNews Amen
7 months, 27 days ago
@HeyItsPradnya God brings people n 2 ur life & he will take them out..
8 months, 9 days ago