@costareports @ahauslohner God bless em
5 days ago
@AndrayDomise @Starbucks God bless you.
7 days ago
@owillis Nobody is ever really gone. God bless.
20 days ago
@Potomacbeat @charliekirk11 I follow Jesus, the man. Who taught a philosophy that could pull you out of your materi…
20 days ago
@EdMorrissey @hughhewitt According to which gospel though?
20 days ago
Friendly reminder that a mere quarter of 2016 voters went for Trump. 19% of the country, overall. #Evangelicals a…
25 days ago
@BenHowe @mattklewis Begin with Mark. Then Matthew. Then Luke. Then watch as Johns gospel magically turns Jesus into God.
27 days ago
#Evangelicals have a dominionist theology. They think they're Jesus-Warriors. They look forward to executing those…
28 days ago
@ABCNewsLive God is angry at Alabama for running a pedophile for Senate. ..
32 days ago
@Twinky0071 @rolandsmartin What's negative about it? I'm quoting Jesus for Christ's sakes....
32 days ago
@edstetzer "God empowers us" to give 80% #Evangelical support to Trump. #God sucks.
39 days ago
White Supremacists demand extreme vetting for your average Muslim; but when it comes to rejecting white hate peddle…
40 days ago
RT @soccermom1517: Man charged with hate crime after driving truck into store he believed was Muslim-owned, authorities say…
43 days ago
The Bible is also anti semitic... But you do you Bibi...
46 days ago
@cvpayne You are still a warehouse for the world's resources. Stop being so god damn insecure. Read a self help book.
49 days ago
RT @cjwerleman: Chinese government official: "You can’t uproot all the weeds hidden among the crops in the field one by one — you need to…
50 days ago
@fox32news His legacy is his son, @Franklin_Graham. I hope Billy got right with God for his mistakes.
50 days ago
This is Trumps agenda. This is why #Evangelicals still support him overwhelmingly. Evangelism is white supremac…
51 days ago
RT @MuslimIQ: •Crown of bullets •Clutching assault rifles •Celebrating a weapon of death These aren’t Daesh in a mosque in Iraq or Syria—t…
51 days ago
@RawStory @RockyMntnMike #Jesus told me to tell yall that shes not with him.
57 days ago