@NatsAndCats @GrouchoGlasses @beethaniel @loudlong @tripgabriel Yes, and many still doing the Bible. I’d be fine wi… https://t.co/ikJ4K4DBsx
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@BmoreBaker42 @OB1_Knabe @400trix @Latinaproducer @beethaniel @loudlong @tripgabriel Mithraism and others had a hug… https://t.co/DNw8Zo3WFU
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@seeinginfrared @2111015 I simply disagree that the 2 state solution has been killed. Trump just said he wants to k… https://t.co/P8rQ7wk7Bw
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RT @UncleRUSH: RT @Ms_imaginative1: @UncleRUSH Muslims love Jesus & all the other prophets, & that's what small minded, ignorant people dnt understand.
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