@CraigRozniecki God hears our prayers no matter where we are. He said so in the Bible. My Bible anyway, not sure wh… https://t.co/IeD7rZn7p2
5 days ago
RT @maddow: Kansas Gov Laura Kelly puts in place a stay-at-home order and a ban on large gatherings, like other (sane) governors. Republic…
49 days ago
Dear God, I miss President Obama 😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/N229FZjy9g
49 days ago
@kylegriffin1 @MSNBC Amen! #PresidentPABakes snake oil salesmen look bad. He’s not that smart #MoronInChief
51 days ago
@lacadri34 This white person ain’t never voted Republican! None of my white (or any other color) friends vote repub… https://t.co/C9mpFSq5J4
55 days ago
@girlsreallyrule Thank God!!! Great news! Keep us posted
59 days ago
Dear God I hate this bastard https://t.co/i2PviPEOhp
2 months, 3 days ago
@andylassner God forgive me! I abhor #PresidentPAB
2 months, 15 days ago
RT @mehdirhasan: So great to hear @ewarren refer to Islamophobia in this video message as “anti-Muslim racism”. Too many liberals are afrai…
2 months, 26 days ago
@MobBossTrump Sweet Baby Jesus! I’m Catholic & pray for our safety. I, also, know God gave us brains to figure out… https://t.co/AMtIbzz7Lt
3 months, 0 days ago
RT @malinablue: There are 330 million Americans. Can we get just 10% of us in the streets to protest the dictatorship taking shape? That w…
3 months, 4 days ago
🤣🤣🤣 Or, the truth of him being a traitor, liar, rapist, sexual predator, pedophile, etc. makes us angry & ashamed.… https://t.co/w6iIjxYrC2
3 months, 17 days ago
Amen!! https://t.co/J8ARndOTpC
4 months, 13 days ago
RT @Veronicaromm: Is @SecPompeo an amateur or what? That briefing has Republicans pissed. They are talking “WAR POWERS RESOLUTION.” Yup tha…
4 months, 20 days ago
RT @BetteMidler: This can't be happening. And yet it is. What in God's name is going on?? https://t.co/KVp1XGYiMP
5 months, 13 days ago
RT @ananavarro: I can’t erase from my mind the images of Carlos Hernandez Vasquez twitching and dying. In America, kids are sleeping on cem…
5 months, 22 days ago
RT @PaulBegala: Amen. @RepAdamSchiff has been even-tempered, judicious, fact-based. He never rises to the bait when @DevinNunes or others…
6 months, 8 days ago
Shouldn’t #PresidentPAB be in “perfect” shape since he plays so much golf? Thank God he plays more golf than workin… https://t.co/drQvC6KNHf
6 months, 12 days ago
How selfish of me. I do apologize. Dear Lord, please let the unknown mutated, killer virus attacking #PresidentPAB… https://t.co/WY21ej24sb
6 months, 13 days ago
RT @ajsgmajc: Dear politicians of all parties, Where is your outrage and condemnation over the fake video showing trump committing mass mu…
7 months, 16 days ago